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Carroll Bryant Interviews Author Spencer Brokaw

You know I don't do many of these interviews myself. For the most part, I leave that up to my blog partner, Ira. However, someone amazing comes along and I know right from the start that I want to interview that person. Well today, I have a very special treat for all of you. A young man by the name of Spencer Brokaw. He is 13 years old. (Yes! You read correctly. Thirteen years old.) And already, fast becoming quite the accomplished author.

Spencer and I bumped into each other when I used to be a member of Goodreads. What stood out for me about him was not only how intellingent this young man is, but how young he is to have discovered his life's ambition. At his age, I was into sports and probably some kind of tomfoolery. This young man is way ahead of the curve. (And his peers)

He is as witty and easy going as they come. He has a bright out-look on life, and appears to be having fun with almost everything he does. He is full of energy and one of those rare people that I am proud to call a friend. He is also very inspiring. But enough of my praising, let's meet this young man and find out what makes him tick.

Carroll: So Spencer, you're thirteen years old and already have a few books written and published. You're making quite the name for yourself. How did it all start for you at such a young age?

Spencer: When I was 8, I got into writing after my dad suggested it as a cure for boredom. I wrote some short notebook stories, and even in the beginning they were about men with guns. That evolved, and eventually I got to use a crappy computer from the 90’s to write with, at age 9ish-10ish. I wrote Agent J, a story about a man recruited for the CIA for his burglary skills. Soon after, I wrote The Impenetrable Spy. I wrote half of it at 10, and finished it at 11. Last June, at age 12, I published the novel through KDP and other distributers.  The Impenetrable Spy follows Zack Carter, a time-traveling secret agent, determined to stop a corrupt leader from unleashing chaos on the U.S. Later in the book, I introduced the main character from Agent J, and fit a little origin story in. Agent J will appear in all 3 Impenetrable Spy novels and I am currently writing the main character’s spin off series. This brings me to my newly published novel- The Impenetrable Spy: Future Dreamer. I started writing this a week after publishing the first book and finished the writing in 2 weeks. After extensive editing and several paragraphs of rewrites for a year, I published the book.

Carroll: That is amazing! To start writing at the age of eight years old? I have to say, I am very impressed. So tell us what your new book is about. Give us a little synopsis that we won't find anywhere else.

Spencer: In the return of the Impenetrable Spy, special agent Zack Carter's oldest friend has been murdered and the crime has been pinned on Zack: his prints are on the gun and now he's on the run. With agents on his tail and danger ahead, Zack races from Nigeria to Chicago to Langley itself in a search for the truth. And the deeper he goes, the more he realizes he's been caught in a conspiracy of apocalyptic proportion. Now he must clear his name and stop the true killer before time runs out ... and the world goes up in flames.

Carroll: I think what impresses me most about how young you are and writing books, is the theme for your stories. Writing spy novels isn't easy. There is so much research and imagination that goes into it, do you spend all of your time coming up with these ideas or do you find time to work other things into your life? I guess what I am asking is, are you involved in other activities? Or is writing the only thing you do?

Spencer: Although I love writing, there are a lot of things I enjoy doing in my free time. I love music. Van Halen, RUSH, Def Leppard, Duran Duran, and RATT are among my favorite bands. I’ve always listened to 80’s rock because I was raised listening to it. I’m very glad too, because the music I listen to has more meaning than the music of today (at least in my opinion). Music also inspires a lot of my writing.

Carroll: I agree with you there, about music of today comapred to 80's music and maybe even 70's and 60's. (In my opinion) They just don't write them like they used to. I also understand the influence music has when it comes to inspiration. I can totally relate to that and I am glad that I'm not the only one. Love your tastes in bands, by the way) Other than listening to music, what else do you fill your time up with?

Spencer: Video Games- Without Splinter Cell and SOCOM, I don’t even know if I’d be a writer. Those games introduced the whole “spy” genre to me, and are still a source of inspiration. Modern games are also very helpful, because they allow me to experience and learn things about what I write (weapons, vehicles, combat, etc.)

Carroll: I thought there had to be a reason for your interest in spy stories. I use dto play SOCOM with one of my nephew's in the 90's. He loves those type of games also. They seem to be popular among the male population in general.  I am going to assume that when it comes to movies, spy movies would also be tops on your list as favorites?

Spencer: Movies like the Bourne Identity have inspired me to continue the spy genre, but among my favorite are Ferris Buehler’s Day Off, HARRY POTTER, Uncle Buck, The Dark Knight, back to the future, and Last Action Hero. As far as TV goes, I prefer detective and comedy shows. The Office, Parks and Recreation, Arrested Development, Psych, Monk, and Burn Notice are my favorites.

Carroll: I don't know if you have ever seen this show (I think it's on A&E) called 'Longmire'? I really like that one myself. You should check it out sometime if you get a chance. I also like that show called 'The Glades'. Anyhow, play any sports? Anything else?

Spencer: Swimming, reading, and golfing.

Carroll: I should have guessed golfing. Anyhow, I really appreciate you taking the time to let us all get to know you more and I for one am looking forward to reading your work. And for everyone else out there, if you're into spy novels, give Spencer Brokaw a read. Thanks again Spencer, and best of luck to you young man in your future endeavors. You are certainly headed in the right direction. Twenty years from now I can say, I knew you when ....

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  1. Thanks for the interview, had a lot of fun!

  2. No, no, no, it is I who thanks you, my friend. I enjoyed putting it together. Maybe we'll do this again on your next release if you like. Next time, we'll dive into your grades and college plans. LOL


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