Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Carroll Bryant Fantasy Football 2016 Regular Season Results

I call them the sweet sixteen. Sixteen teams I played this season in 2016 and I had perhaps the greatest regular season in fantasy football than anyone in the history of fantasy football. lol

I had a team start off winning its first ten games. (Tampa Bay Lightning) That is the most wins I have ever had by any one team to start a season. The previous record for me was 8.

I guess I better go ahead and say that all sixteen of my teams made it to their league playoffs. Eight of those teams finished first in their league. None of my teams finished below third place in their respective league.When the average person gets 30% of their teams into the playoffs, then 100% becomes a dream come true. And in fact, the previous two years I had played a total of 20 teams and got 18 of those teams into the playoffs, so I'm doing pretty good here the past few years. Even three years ago I got 9 of 12 teams into the playoffs.

I been kicking some booty.

I normally do not post the results of my season until after the playoffs are over, however, because I got everyone of my teams into the post season, I am doing this celebratory post to honor this amazing feat. I will begin with the 8 teams that finished first in their leagues. The team record can be seen in the upper right corner with their first place standing next to it in parenthesis.

And now I will display the second place teams.

And now, the third place teams.

(Keep in mind that the top 4 teams of every league makes the playoffs.) 

And so there it is. My greatest fantasy football season in my 12 years of playing this game. My teams combined for a total record of 160 wins, 47 losses, and 1 tie. 

In my final week of the regular season, all 16 teams won their games. In the previous week, 15 teams won their games. I doubt I could ever have two weeks as great as the last two weeks of the season. A combined 31-1 record to finish the year. 

While the playoffs are set to begin, the next 2 weeks will decide how many of these 16 teams I can get into their league championship game. From there, it will take another 2 weeks before we know how many of my teams actually get to win their championship game. I will do a final post at that point. 

Meanwhile, I have to wonder if I peaked at this game. I mean, it's not going to get much better than this. Maybe it's time to retire from it. Maybe take next year off or just go back to playing ten teams or maybe even dropping down to maybe 5 or 6 teams or something. I don't know. But I will admit that while it's been a somewhat exciting year of fantasy football, it also kind of felt like I'm losing interest. It did begin to feel like a "chore" to go in and set my lineups from week to week, deal with injuries and fight for free agents all season long as those injuries piled up from one game to the next. 

I think I'm running out of steam. I'm also getting bored from watching any game that isn't Dallas Cowboys. Perhaps I should take at least a year off after this and see how I feel about it. I been playing for twelve years. Time to take a break. Besides, I think I want to take off next fall and travel the country for a few weeks or so. We'll see how it goes. For now, I have the playoffs to focus on. 


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