Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Saturday Night Live Is Saturday Night Dead

I remember when I was just a young lad and living in a most amazing time. They called it the nineteen seventies. Something magical always seemed to happen almost every single day and then, from out of the blue, Saturday Night Live.

The 'Not Ready For Prime Time Players'. Gilda Radner, Chevy Chase, Bill Murry, Dan Aykroyd, and John Belushi, just to name a few. And my Saturday nights changed. I mean, yeah, I went from watching Godzilla movies, and Creature From The Black Lagoon, and other scary monsters to now, I was watching these hilarious comics putting on a show that made me laugh from beginning to end. They were crazy - and edgy - and I loved it!

My friends and I would talk about it the next day while playing or on Monday at school. Sometimes we had sleepovers on Saturday nights just to watch the show together. Pizza, popcorn, and soft drinks, and we were all laid out on top of our sleeping bags getting a big kick out of this new comedy show.

Oh, the memories.

Then in the eighties, they slipped a little. After such great success for so many years, the gang split up and went Hollywood. They were a tough act to follow, but for the most part, they did okay in replacing some of them. Great acts like Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin, just to mention a couple, soon arrived and kept the laughs coming. But in the mid to late eighties, SNL fell on some hard times. It took a few seasons to get back on track and then, leading into the nineties, they caught their second wind in the form of such acts as, David Spade, Will Ferrell, Dana Carvey, Chris Farley, and Kevin Nealon, just to mention a few, and they pretty much rediscovered themselves again.

They did okay, too, until right around 2002 and 2003. This is when the wheels began to come off again and so far, to the present, they have yet to find anyone even remotely funny. Yes, for the past fifteen years Saturday Night Live has been Saturday Night Dead. Just completely awful. The worst I have ever seen a comedy show.

And it just keeps on getting worse and worse and worse and ..... horrible.

What happened? I mean, at first I thought they just couldn't find anyone who is funny anymore when I realized, maybe there isn't anyone out there who is funny anymore. Not to me anyway because, everything has been done.

I also realized recently that I don't watch 'Comedy Central' anymore. Every time I try to watch some new comic, I shudder within minutes if not, seconds, because people just are not funny anymore. They are actually dull to the point of stupid. I have even stopped buying comedies on DVD because these so called "funny movies" are boring as shit with horrible writing, stupid jokes, or jokes being told by people who just simply can't nail the punchline. Hell, I don't even think today's 'so-called' comics even know what a freaking punchline is.

Maybe it is because everything has been said and done that there's just nothing funny anymore that is original. I also believe that this PC culture we live in has watered down the jokes quite a bit, too. Maybe America has lost its funny bone. They say, when you get too sensitive to tell a joke about religion, politics, sickness, or be able to laugh at yourself without being offended - you become a Hitler-like society. And I think that's exactly what is going on in America.

Okay, so I pop in about once a month to 'Comedy Central' and continue to be disappointed at the lack of talent in the comedy store. And I pop in about once a month to SNL and struggle through five minutes of crap before wanting to pull out my gun and shoot the TV.

Okay, comedy is dead in America. Period!

But is it because we are too sensitive? Too PC? Too untalented? Has everything just been done repeatedly? Did we just forget what is funny?

What has happened to all of our great comedic talent? Where have the funny people gone?

Maybe I'm just an old dog and maybe to the young people, who weren't around when real comedy was going on in the world, and they refuse to go back and look at it so to them, maybe comics of today are funny. I mean, maybe this stuff is new to them and they don't know that it has all been done before. Maybe they think this lame crap of today is funny because they don't know any better?

It reminds me of the music industry. The crap they put out today would choke a billy-goat. But, when it's all you know, you eat it and try and acquire a taste for crap.

I feel sorry for young people today. They are getting ripped off in almost everything except for technology.

That's a shame.

And so continues my constant confusion of trying to figure out how and why Saturday Night Live can continue week to week, season after season, on air for lack of any signs of talent on that show. The writing sucks. The comics suck. Everything about it just sucks, sucks, sucks and then .... it sucks some more.

Bye, bye, American pie.


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