Thursday, July 14, 2016

Carroll's Journey: Cruel Summer

Man, it is really hot outside. It's so hot that my shadow is sweating. It's so hot that I am naming this day Miley Cyrus day. It's so hot that my air conditioner is asking me to buy it an air conditioner.

Okay, enough of that. You get the point.

This summer has already been one busy bee and we still have a couple of months remaining. Which is good I guess. It was slow as molasses last year, for the better part. Then again, my "busy" might be slightly different from your "busy".

It's also been a sad one too, or at least, it has had its sad moments. A friend of mine on Facebook lost her twenty-one year old son and honestly, that is really heartbreaking. A couple other friends of mine here in my town have lost their fathers in recent weeks and days.

My summer adventure began back in March when I decided to close down one of my banking accounts in one county and move it to a bank in my own county - a little closer to me. That was a bit of a job in itself. After a couple of complications I finally was able to do it. The whole process took a couple of weeks or so.

I took a week just to draft my fantasy football teams this year.

Then I had a final spat with my mother and little sister. It wasn't really a spat as it was just a white flag I decided to raise and move on with my life without them because I simply got tired of the crap. It's a sad day when your family would rather have no contact with you than have a relationship where they have to show you the least bit of respect. It's like, if they have to respect you then they prefer not to have you around. But I finally realized that this was the case and I decided to walk away. I miss the kids something awful, but I could never respect myself if I hadn't finally gave in to the truth. I hung in there for as long as I could. Me and my family have a long standing history of butting heads and conflict. Why? I may never know the whole truth. My theory is that it has something to do with my writing - or at least a good portion of it is cause. Another theory is that some are still not pleased with me standing up to my brother the way I did some 20+ years ago. He was (maybe still is) the shit. Everybody loves my brother despite him being a conman and an ex-convict. He is not a good man. But for some reason, the rest of the family still insist sticking their nose right up his backside.

I went on a five day vacation with my adopted daughter, taking her to see a couple of lighthouses. She really enjoyed it. I did too. We had a lot of fun. It was something she has wanted to do since around last September but her parents didn't have enough vacation time on the books to take her so they asked me and well, since I had nothing else going on, I caved. lol

I have construction going on at home in my living room. I can't even begin to remember the last time I have been out shopping with friends as much as I have this summer. Almost twice a week I find myself getting together with friends and going shopping. I'm buying all the things that have piled up on my "to do" and "to get" list. New shoes, boots, pants, shirts, electronics, you name it. I'm starting to lose my "cheap ass" label. lol

I have also been to a few meetings with various companies and people. Some in the music industry. Anyone who knows me knows I hate appointments. I haven't used an alarm clock for twelve plus years now. I go to sleep when I am tired and wake up when I wake up. I did not use an alarm clock for these meetings because luckily, they were scheduled around noon or later. I am up these days between 5:00 AM and 9:00 AM. If there's one silver lining about my heart attack it's that I'm not as tired anymore as I was the few years leading up to my heart attack. I have more energy these days and have been able to pretty much keep a constant schedule that enables me to interact in a more normal manner.

So all of this and helping out my friends with some projects has kept me somewhat busy this summer. I have worked in some new posts for my blogs that I have scheduled leading up into October whenever I could just because I couldn't see when I would have definite time to keep up with my blogs. That's how busy it has been. It is easy for me to forget about my blogs sometimes. I really have to make a conscious effort to address them.

Well, that's about it. For now. I'm hoping at this point that these shootings going on in America will stop soon. I think my country has spilled enough blood this year. Please people, stop with the killing. It's getting us nowhere - but dead.

It really has been a busy and cruel summer. (But it's had its good moments too) Although, I had conflicting emotions about our fireworks show having been cancelled due to the weather.



  1. sorry to here bout your mom and sister i know you love them i bet this is hurting your nephew.


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