Thursday, July 16, 2015

The STGRB Conundrum

When trying to figure out if someone is an internet bully, it's usually easy to do. You see the evidence on your screen. It doesn't take much to figure it out. If someone is seemingly going out of their way to hurt you with words on the computer, repeatedly, then anyone with half a brain would know what is going on.

Such is the mystery of the website known as STGRB. A website, mind you, that proclaims themselves to be "an anti-bully website", yet no other anti-bully website endorses them.

STGRB also claims to be the defenders for those attacked by bullies. Yet, I have seen them attack people who have never bullied anyone. One of those people is author, Rick Carufel, a friend of mine.

STGRB has attacked Rick on many occasions, as well as myself from time to time, and recently, they blamed him for something that - from the evidence - Rick has yet to be proven to have done. But this didn't, nor does it ever, stop STGRB from making the accusations. Nor do they issue any apologies when they are wrong. Hell, for that matter, they never even admit they do (did) anything wrong when the evidence suggests that they ARE wrong!

Such is the conundrum that is STGRB.

Their latest exploits has them accusing Rick Carufel of creating a fake Twitter account of author, Anne Rice, and posting fake tweets - making it look like that Anne Rice is tweeting. Here, I have some screenshots to show you what I am talking about.

So it's obvious that someone created this fake Anne Rice account, the only question is who? Well, it didn't take long for STGRB and their supporters to start pointing the finger at Rick Carufel. Take a look.

Notice at the bottom of the comment where "Johnny" says he will make a note of accusing Rick Carufel of the deed. And he kept his promise too. 

The only problem is, "Johnny" was wrong. He lied. Yet again. (I know, shocker! lol) Anyhow, he says that Ricks Twitter account was deleted. There is even a link to it as proof except, it's not exactly proof. You see, Rick's Twitter account is still up and running. Apparently, it wasn't Rick after all who created that fake Anne Rice Twitter account. I clicked on the link they provided and this is what I saw.

It looks like his Twitter account wasn't deleted after all. There is the proof. But why would STGRB lie? I don't understand it. Even more so, why are they not issuing an apology to Rick Carufel for falsely accusing him of something that - to this point - hasn't been proven to be true? And why would a self-proclaimed "anti-bully website" bully people for? 

Nothing is making sense.

Anne Rice and STGRB have been accused in the past of bullying people while making the claim that they are trying to "stop" the bullying of others. (Most notably on and Amazon Forum Boards) But as to why STGRB would not only accuse Rick of doing something like that, and make a claim that the proof is his Twitter account has been deleted, when clearly it has not, and then not apologize for their heinous accusations - is completely beyond me. 

It's a conundrum. 

Yet another reason, I suppose, to NOT believe anything that STGRB has to say. And proof that they really do "bully" people, make false accusations, lie, and do damage to people's image and reputation without any conscience about it whatsoever. I don't know how they sleep at night, then again, the devil found a way to get a good nights rest too. 

As for their followers, here is a comment that completely amazes me. 

Sorry "Lord Nurgle", but besides Anne Rice being a victim of bullying, so has Rick Carufel been victimized too. BY STGRB! 

Here is another interesting, yet disturbing, comment. Check it out. 

"Commenter With No Name" describing how to pull off a fake tweet with a fake Twitter account? Really? Maybe that is your culprit? Just saying. He or she sure does seem to know a whole lot about the process. 

Maybe this is why so many people are wising up about STGRB. Once upon a time, they did help people who were victimized by internet bullies who thrive on Goodreads and other major (and some not so major) book sites. But those days are apparently long gone. Now, it is nothing more than a cesspool of lies, bully attacks, deceptions, and just plain evil intentions. It's a free for all. Point your finger in whatever direction you want to point it. It's okay if you are wrong, just don't worry about it. 

"Anti-bully website?" ..... I think not! 

Anyone who thought STGRB was better than this, think again! 

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