Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Secrets Of My Songs #5 (Edge Of Eden)

So when I lived in Columbus, Ohio, I kind of moved around a lot. From the South side to North to the West, yeah, I bounced around for a while. One place where I lived there was this girl next door and she and mingled a few times here and there. Nothing serious though. The one thing about her though that kind of turned me off was how negative she seemed to be. The girl was always complaining about something. I always heard her say that -  "if only I would hit the lottery and win a million dollars" - and I would look at her with disappointing eyes. "You think all of your problems would go away if you hit the lotto?" I would ask her.

She would smile and nod her head. "Wouldn't they?"

You see, I have this theory, and that money is not a problem solver. It's a problem enhancer. A lot of people think they are a winning lottery number away from their "Eden". Or as some would call it, their happiness. trust me, if you are not happy now, then money will not make you happy. You'll just be a rich sad person. I also believe that everyone is always living their life in the edge of their personal Eden. Some of us do have to work a little harder to be happy. I know we look at some people and we think, "They have it good. They don't have to work. They were born with a silver spoon." But you know, everyone takes a different road to happiness. Just keep the faith. Keep plugging away. One day, you will reach your Eden. And it will be worth it too, believe me.

As for that girl next door, well, she was still complaining when I moved away. I hope she got to find whatever it was she was looking for. I hope she found her Eden. I know I finally did. Kind of. But always remember that even if you find your Eden, you still have to work like hell to keep it. It never stops.

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