Friday, January 31, 2014

Chemtrail Snow Demonstration

A slew of videos have been appearing recently on Youtube, demonstrating bizarre behavior of the snow that has been blanketing most of the country lately.

The bizarre thing about this snow is, when subjected to flame, the snow doesn't melt. In some cases, it even turns black and omits a toxic odor similar to that of plastic being burned.

Many are now claiming that the reason for this is because of chemicals being sprayed into our atmosphere by our government.

What ever the cause, one thing is for sure, I would highly advise no one to "eat" the snow. (Remember when you did this as a kid?)

Maybe someday will will get an official explanation for why this "new" snow doesn't melt. I doubt it, since the U.S. government are masters are keeping secrets and being unethical at every chance. Something is certainly going on. That something doesn't look good either. But don't take my word for it, check out these Youtube video's and you be the judge.

Please note that these are not "experts", but rather, everyday people just like you and me. 

Now I am going to go outside and see if my snow melts. 

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  1. I just went outside and tried it .... the snow turned black and gave off an odor. I'm convinced! Something is up with the snow.


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