Thursday, January 16, 2014

Carroll's Journal: Rocky Mountain High

"Stop it, Carroll." She half demanded. I guess she didn't like me playing with her toes. I was doing the "little piggy went to the market" routine. Sometimes I get bored, and when that happens, I become annoying. My favorite act of personal space invasion is the "pig in a poke". That's when you take your finger and start gently poking them in the ribs, stomach and other parts of their body. Yeah, that's annoying as hell too. But it can also be romantic.

A friend of mine wants to go to Colorado for a week. Gee, I wonder why? 

I still haven't ever gone to that Obama Care website. I probably shouldn't say that out loud, I could end up on some government list. Oh, who are we kidding, I'm probably already on some government list. But seriously, I have a question: Before the health care roll out, Obama wanted everyone to call it Obama Care, yet ever since the roll out, he wants everyone to call it the Affordable Care Act. What gives? 

New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, has been all over the mainstream news. All the media is talking about him and the four day traffic jam. You would think the world was coming to an end. Can't say I blame the mainstream media for being all over this one. I mean, how much more important is a traffic jam compared to four dead Americans in Benghazi? Or the IRS abusing its power on Americans? Or the NSA spying on Americans?

Did you know that in five years of the Obama administration, or as I like to call it, the Obama Regime, that the USA national deficit went from 9 trillion dollars to over 17 trillion? Why aren't we talking about that? And by the time Obama leaves the office, it is predicted that out national debt will be somewhere around 22 trillion to 24 trillion dollars? Do we honestly believe that we will ever cut that number down? I mean, seriously, do we think we will ever pay that back? Really? And has anyone ever considered what would happen if our lenders decided to stop lending us money? The mere thought makes me want to go to Colorado for a week. 

Word on the street is that Hilary Clinton and Chris Christie are our two best bets for presidential candidates. Really? No seriously, really? ... It is often times said that hitting rock bottom could be a good thing sometimes because when you're down that far, there is no where to go but up. Leave it to America to prove that theory wrong. Hilary Clinton? Chris Christie? Our best presidential candidates? ... I guess we are about to discover what is underneath rock bottom. 

Can we now officially call John Denver a psychic? 

Will be getting with Mr. Fickisen on the 20th of January to begin the process of starting his biography. I am really excited. I never took on such a challenge before. I always considered writing someone's biography as the pinnacle of writing. I don't know why. I suppose it always fascinated me to a point. I mean, writing someone's biography is like a 240 page interview. You get to learn everything, and I mean everything, about a person. And I am extremely honored for this job because Mr. Fickisen is such a world renowned pen and ink artist. He has celebrity status in Ohio in his field. I only hope I do a good job presenting him to the world. Like I said, as far as writing goes, this is my biggest challenge. 

My science fiction book, "Light Years Away" will be slightly delayed. Not to worry, it is coming. It's just, when I did a quick and final read, I saw something that I really wanted to change in it. I really needed to change in it. Had I not changed it, everyone would have thought I wrote it while living in Colorado. 

"Stop it, Carroll." - Ha! Pig in a poke. 

I got to make my "lasagne burrito's" recently. Oh my God they are so awesome. I have to thank mother for her recipe which she finally shared with me this past Christmas. I spent the early part of Christmas Eve with her to make it for the family. It's our family tradition. It's our Christmas Eve dinner, mother's lasagne. (And she makes a lot of it.) 

It started one year back about 25 years ago, I reckon. She asked me one time what I wanted for Christmas, and I, never being too greedy with my Christmas list, requested a whole pan dish of her lasagne. (Back then, turkey was the food for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.) Well, my brother in law decided that the following year he wanted it too so now mother had to make two pan dishes of it. Then someone else requested it, and then another. Five years later, mother just simply gave up on making Christmas turkey's and started making the lasagne instead. It's been like that ever since. 

I am a trend setter. 

However, I took it to the next level recently when I made my first ever "lasagne burrito". It was everything I ever dreamed it would be .... and more. It tops my "potato salad" sandwich, I'll tell you that. What? You never heard of the potato salad sandwich? You don't know what you're missing. It's more like a potato salad hot pocket than anything else. The ingredients consist of potato salad *duh* baked beans, coleslaw, and your favorite meat. I use fried chicken as my meat, or sometimes ham, but you can use whatever you like for your meat. Add a little BBQ sauce, wrap it "hot pocket" style and heat - then enjoy. I have a whole cook book full of tasty little gizmo's and treats. I should do a cook book someday. Or maybe share some of my recipe's here on my blog. I'll have to think that one over.

"Seriously, Carroll, stop it." - Belly burple's can also be annoying too. Wait! You do know what a belly burple is, correct? It's when you put your face on someone's belly and blow. I used to give them to my little sister all the time when she was young. She would laugh and giggle. It was fun. I miss those days. Now she's all grown and married with three kids of her own. The two most recent additions to the family came over the Christmas holidays. Twins! We're all very excited about it. The first set of twins in our modern family. Speaking of which, have you ever seen that show "Modern Family"? .... I love it. It's funny as hell. I highly recommend you watch a few episodes. I tried to get into that show "How I Met Your Mother", but it just didn't stick with me. I mean, it's good, don't get me wrong, but it just didn't stick. 

I have to call Preston this week to get a time set up for which to get back into the studio. I have some songs to record. I have a lot to do this year period. Can't wait for this cold weather to pass and get back to our scheduled "global warming". Who knows, maybe a little trip to Colorado could be worked into the itinerary this summer, but I should hold off until at least I get this biography done. I wouldn't want to get distracted, you know what I mean?

Seriously, John Denver must have been a psychic. 

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