Sunday, December 15, 2013

Interview With Ted W. Fickisen (Part Three Of Three)

And so we have come to the last part of my interview with world renowned pen and ink artist, Ted William Fickisen.

In this part, Ted takes us on a tour of the Pump House Art Gallery where you get to see some wonderful paintings from local and not so local artists. 

I realize, and so will you, that the video was inverted. You'll recognize this when we enter Wilbur B. Poole North Gallery. I suppose I was just so excited about the interview and everything that I forgot to reset my video settings. (I sometimes shoot videos inverted. I don't know why. I'm blonde that way I reckon.)

To this point, you may recall in our interview where Ted mentions the new addition planned for August 2016. The cafe' and educational building. The photo to the right gives you an idea of what that addition will look like.

In this portion, during the tour, Ted mentions some upcoming events, a fund raiser for the new addition of the Pump House, and for the historical Majestic Theater in downtown Chillicothe, Ohio, which will include 60's music, and highlights from the Broadway musical "Hair".  The performing arts is no stranger to Chillicothe as we also have the world famous outdoor drama "Tecumseh" as one of Chillicothe's summertime attractions for tourists who flock to my hometown from all parts of the world just to see it. For residents who wish to showcase their acting skills, Chillicothe offers that opportunity. Many top credited Broadway performers have performed in the outdoor drama of "Tecumseh" through the many years. In fact, John Mellencamp used to be a resident here once upon a time, and has performed concerts in Chillicothe a time or two in the past.

Then on May 17th, 2014, The Pump House Art Gallery will be holding a 60's theme art show where all artists near and far are welcomed to submit any of their artwork that displays a theme from the 1960's.  So if you're an artist and you wish to participate and display your artwork for this show, contact the Pump House for more information. Their phone number is (740) 772-5783.

For everyone (and anyone) else, if you ever find yourself in Chillicothe, Ohio, drop by the Pump House Art Gallery in Yoctangee Park, Enderlin Circle and say hello to Ted. Nothing would make him happier. You might even be able to get him to pose for a picture or two. Rest assured, you will have an enjoyable time, Carz promise. Now, back to Part Three of the Ted W. Fickisen interview.

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