Saturday, December 28, 2013

Charro / Change of Habit DVD Review


It's Elvis playing a cowboy. And not very well, I'm afraid. Even though this movie co-stars Victor French and Ina Balin, it's still a kerplunk for and Elvis flick. I know he tried hard in this one, meaning he doesn't break out and start singing, but the script is flat, the props are flat, the acting? ... Flat!

Jess Wade (Elvis) is innocently accused of having stolen a cannon from the Mexican revolutionary forces. He tries to find the real culprits, a gang of criminals.

If you haven't seen an Elvis flick yet, do not, I repeat, do not make this your first one. You'll be turned off. This is for the die-hard fans like myself.

My rating? ... 3 stars at the very, very, very best. (But I like it because I am a die-hard fan)



 Like Charro, this is a 1969 release. Unlike Charro, it's pretty good. (To a point) Teaming up with the young and very beautiful, Mary Tyler-Moore, this is about as "ghetto" as you will ever see Elvis. Sure, he sings a song or two, but they are well placed. Obviously, this was the last movie Elvis ever did. It almost wasn't. He was offered the lead male role in the movie "A Star Is Born" with Barbara Striesand however, his manager turned it down because he wanted Elvis to get top billing. As for Elvis, he didn't care about that, he really wanted that part. (Which ended up going to Kris Kristofferson)

Only a few songs as Elvis plays it straight as Dr John Carpenter. Mary Tyler Moore stars opposite as an incognito nun with a mission to help Dr Elvis clean up the ghetto he lives in. Can the King compete against God for Mary's heart? He can if anyone can.

This would make a good first time Elvis movie to watch. If you haven't seen an Elvis film yet. You have seen one, right? You haven't? Really? What the freak?

My rating ... let's go and give this one a cool 8 stars. Better yet, make it 8 and a half stars because of Mary Tyler-Moore. 


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