Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fantasy Football: Yahoo!

Okay, yes, I decided to play fantasy football again. Who didn't see that coming? But enough of the "I told you so's" - at least I'm not playing the money leagues this year. I tried that last year and was fortunate enough to break even. It was my worst year to date. Including the fact  that none of my Yahoo! teams made it into the playoffs. First time ever!

Anyhow, I play 12 teams every year. Four of which are located in Yahoo! leagues. I thought this year to do a little bragging about them and show you my rosters. I'll be doing ESPN teams later and CBS teams.


This is a team in which I honor one of my favorite places to visit, Santa Fe, New Mexico. I gave them the nickname "Eagles" because to me, an eagle represents freedom and freedom is most silently defined in the open spaces of New Mexico. Its eloquent beauty stays with you after you leave. You can't get its imagery out of your head.

I have played this team for six years. This will be the 7th. The first three years were grand, playing in my leagues championship game in my first season (only to lose) then getting bounced in the first round of the playoffs in my 2nd year, and then to winning it all in my third season. The pasy three years? Nothing but a lot of DNQ! (Did Not Qualify) Yep, I have missed the playoffs with this team for three years in a row now. Time to break that streak! I feel like the Cleveland Browns. O_o

Anyhow, their career regular season record is 46 - 38. With a 3-2 post season record and again, winning a championship. I like this team for this year. Check out my roster.

I'm very excited about RB Doug Martin being on the team. I also can't wait to see what QB Colin Kaepernick will do this year. WR T.Y. Hilton is high on my breakout list this season. Overall, I expect to get back into the post season this year and make a run for the league crown. And add another digital trophy to my digital trophy case. 


I don't know what to say about this team. They haven't exactly been the poster child of winning. Their career record is 40-44 and their post season record is 0-2. They only made the playoffs twice in six years. But this year, that is all about to change. Take a look. 

After taking RB's Morris and Forte in the first 2 rounds, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady feel to me in the third. I decided to go with Peyton since he has more weapons.  I found it very odd either of them would drop so far because every draft before and after, Peyton and Brady were always gone in the first two rounds. So i found this to be a gift from the fantasy football gods. And it's because of this gift that I believe this year, this team will win its league championship. And it's about time too, I mean, Quebec is such a beautiful city the last time I was there. (2003)


This team has taken on a lot of changes through the years. They started out as the Ohio Bobcats for their first two seasons of play. Then they became the Ohio Bearcats for two years. Now they are the Wildcats and have been for the past two years and this year. They are also one of my better teams. They have made the post season every year except last season, playing in 4 championship games and winning one. Their career record is 57-27. With a post season record of 5 - 4. The one season we failed to make it to the championship game, we still won a third place trophy. Last year may have been a disaster, but this year there are high hopes of getting back to the playoffs and back to playing for a championship. 

Aaron Rodgers dropped to me with the last pick of the first round. (I got the first pick of the second round.) But Rodgers is taken 99.9 percent of the time in the top 8 picks. So while I was prepared to go RB/RB with my first two selections at picks 10 and 11, once Aaron dropped to me, it was a bit too much to resist. I don't normally like to take QB's in the first two rounds, but I made an exception for Aaron. I also made an exception in the 9th round by taking San Francisco Defense when normally, I don't take defenses until the last three picks. But with my WR depth, I think this team has a shot to get back to its winning ways. Even though we never had a losing season. While we missed the post season last year, we still finished 7-7.


And of course I honor my hometown of Chillicothe, Ohio. I named this team originally after my Atlanta Braves, calling them the Chillicothe Braves, but my friends were ragging me all the time about it so I decided to name this team after our minor-league baseball team. They are a so so team. Sometimes they're good, and sometimes they're bad. They have a career regular season record of 42-42. They also have a 1-3 playoff record. They made it to their league championship game in their first year and lost. Since then, it;s been herky-jerky. They haven't made the post season for the last two years. Had they won their final game last season, they would have made it. But yes, I have high hopes with this team too. 

I have great RB and WR depth here and I stole QB Colin Kaepernick in the 7th round. For the most part, the fantasy football gods have been very good to me. I only hope this lasts with the drafting of my other teams. We'll be taking a look at them in the future. I have five more teams in ESPN leagues and 3 teams in CBS Sports leagues. As for my Yahoo! teams this year, looking pretty good. I doubt these players I have talked about would have dropped in money leagues. But this year, just casual free leagues. Back to having fun again. Money just messes everything up for me. I start to over-think myself and BABAM! I always mess up with my starting lineups. This year, just make a decision and stick with it! No more "hunches". I have this bad tendency to start changing my lineup the morning of the games. Bad Carz!

For anyone else out there who plays fantasy football .... here's to a great fun season!

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