Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Carroll's Journal: Lethal Weapon!

A couple nights ago, I was hit on by a dude. For some guys, this would spark some sort of outrage, but for me, well, I'm used to it. I've been getting hit on by guys since I was 16 years old. The fact that it is still happening is what surprises me the most. It's a bit odd this particular young man would come onto me and I'll explain why shortly but first, this was the second time in the past seven days I got propositioned by a guy. About five days earlier, another young man gave me a wink. I'm not sure what is going on here for suddenly receiving all this attention from guys but then again, things like this never come with any clear explanation. It just happens.

But this last guy is different. The guy who hit on me a couple nights ago is like 22 years old and for a guy, not bad looking. If I were gay, I'd probably took him up on the offer. What makes this last time so odd, and unexpected, is the fact that I kind of know this guy and he and I have had our differences in the past regarding other issues. In fact, we had a heated argument a few months ago which almost came to blows. (No pun intended.) So obviously, I always assumed we didn't much care for one another. Well, I didn't much care for him. Evidently, he kind of cares about me.

The reason this kind of thing doesn't bother me as much as it probably would bother other straight men is because I have several friends in the gay and lesbian community. Most of my friends in that community joke with me a lot and everything and on a few occasions in the past, new acquaintances through these friends assume that because I have friends in the gay and lesbian community that I am gay. Once they learn I'm not, the advances stop. Unless one of them gets it in their head that I can be converted. Unfortunately for them, I like the female gender way too much for that to ever happen. I'm not even the least bit interested in experimentation.

Still, because I and this young man do not get along, or at least, we haven't up until the point of his advances, I find it quite odd he would make a move on me. Then again, I can't say I blame him, I'm a sexy beast. LOL

Earlier that day, while in the store, the lady cashier commented that I had a Mel Gibson "Lethal Weapon" thing going on what with me wearing my ball cap and my hair having now grown out and was pushing through from the bottom of it all fluffy and what not. It was reflecting back to that moment when I realized why all of a sudden the guys were now checking me out. It has to be the hair.  Who doesn't like long blond hairy?

I would credit my blue eyes as another part of this phenomenon but I mostly wear my sunglasses during daylight hours so I doubt anyone can see that my eyes are blue.

I also credit the fact that this past summer, I've been exercising more than normal. I'm a lean mean sexy machine right now.  I'm a sexual lethal weapon! Ha-ha.

Okay, I'm joking right now, but hey, let me have my fun. 

Then I start thinking that maybe some of this attention is the result of what little fame I've been getting from my books and songs. I don't know. But I am back in the studio working on a few new musical projects that I hope to be posting soon on my Youtube channel. One of these projects is a Christmas song that my nephew requested I record. I gave him my word I would so I can't let my little buddy down, now can I? 

I will admit that every time I start going back into the studio to work on new musical projects, I start feeling like Rick Springfield or something. The artistic juices start to flow and I get a little swag in my step. Then there are the interview requests I've been getting by the news media here on a local level. It's all very flattering, this attention, but also kind of scary. More and more people are starting to recognize me now when I go out and about. People looking, staring, pointing at me and such. Not as much in the town where I live as these people have gotten used to me and all, but now, when I go to meet my friends or have lunch with my mother in Chillytown, it's beginning to get more noticeable.

Some of my family and friends are uncomfortable with it and recently, their participation in hanging out with me has decreased. Where I find it slightly amusing, they find it rather disturbing. Then again, they don't see me as some public figure, nor do I see myself as such. So maybe, these two guys coming onto me might be tied up into that. Everyone digs a celebrity, even a local one. I guess. 

I'm also in the process of having the cover for my next book being designed. I still have some work to do before my next book is ready to be released and probably won't finish it up until around December, after my musical projects for the year are completed, and I expect to release my next book sometime around February or the first of March in 2014. It will be the second installment of "The Light" series, or book two of the Zenakis Vinzant adventures. Then I willl probably take a couple of months off before heading back into the studio next year to start working on more songs. We'll see how things go. 

Currently, I have no plans to going to San Diego anytime soon, or California in general. I might stick close to home next year to get some art done. 

I also want to take this time to announce that I had been dealing with a medical issue. Well, what I thought was a medical issue. You see, as I have found out recently, I was misdiagnosed with a medical condition. Fortunately though, a second opinion set things straight. (No pun intended) 

As for these sexual advances towards me by men? Well, I'm sure there are a few girls out there kicking and screaming. "Great! Carroll is getting hit on my all these hot young guys and I can't even find a date! I hate you Carz!" - LOL

Sometimes I wonder though, how much better my sex life would have been had I been born gay. Then I figure it probably wouldn't have been any less complicated because I have had to comfort a couple of my gay friends who would call me up at night and bitch about their better half having cheated on them or whatever the case may be. I suppose gay or straight, relationships are still just as complicated and screwed up. That's merely the result of us humans having this little thing called emotions. And when emotions are involved, well, things tend to get a little screwy. 

Still, I can't help but say .... I'm a sexy beast! LOL Or maybe, I am a sexual "Lethal Weapon"

Go me! .... Ha ha ha ha ha 


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