Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fantasy Football: CBS Sports

Okay, so now we are down to my last three teams in CBS Sports Fantasy Football leagues. To this point, everything seems to be going well. That's because all my previous teams are in 10 team leagues. The leagues I am in with CBS are 12 team leagues, meaning, all the players that dropped to me in previous drafts probably aren't going to drop in these drafts. With two extra teams in the leagues, that's 28 more players that will be drafted. Instead of ten players selected each round, now we have 12 players that will be selected so the pickings will be slim as we go along. This makes it more of a challenge. And I like challenges.


Columbus has been a consistent winner for me. They sport a record of 45-24-1. And a playoff record of 4-3. They have played in two league championship games, winning one in 2010. They were my best team last year losing in the championship game. This team has yet to have a losing season with their worst year coming in 2011 when they went 7-7. For the better part, this team is still a work in progress after the draft. More than likely, I will be trading some players. The primary player who I will probably trade is RB Darren McFadden. There seems to be a lot of interest in him. I didn't really want him when I drafted him but the players I was hoping to get in his stead were already plucked from the board. He was the best option at the time and I drafted him with intentions on trading him for either a WR or perhaps a TE or both. WR Kendall Wright is also on the trading block. Otherwise, I'm fairly happy with who I ended up with. I have two solid QB's. Good options at RB and some serviceable WR's. If the right offer comes along, this team will be upgraded before the season begins. Unless a trade does unfold, it could be a dogfight to make the post-season. 


Waverly has been around for only a few years. They have a career record of 25-17 and a playoff record of 3-1. They won their league championship their first year and lost the championship game their second year. Last year was a complete disaster, finishing 4-10. However this year presents hope. QB Ryan, RB's Martin and Murray and TE Graham make this team relevant. I could be adding QB Romo to this team soon and WR Mike Williams as I have wavier claims on them and hopefully, they will go through. if so, this team could be more potent and have a real good shot at making the playoffs and making a run for another championship. I have had a few trade offers but none that I deemed beneficial for the team.


I saved this team for last in this post because quite frankly, I really like it. From top to bottom, it looks solid and could make a run for a championship. For their history, Ross County hasn't done so well despite a 49-32-2 record. A post season record of 2-2. They only qualified for post season play twice in their six years despite never having a losing record either. Their worst year was 7-7 in 2011. Other than that, they usually end up with 8 or 9 wins and of their four non qualifying playoff seasons, three of those years they missed the post season by one win. They do make it exciting though. It always seems to come down to the final game of the year with them and thus far, they have been losing those games. But as you can see, I have QB Ryan, RB Martin, WR Nelson, TE Graham and some solid players in RB Bush, Mendenhall and Mathews (if they stay healthy) and WR's Williams and Maclin. I like QB Eli Manning backing up Ryan too. Overall, I have high expectations with this team. 

There it is. All my Fantasy Football teams are ready to go. Wish me luck! LOL


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