Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My First Day Without Goodreads (Carroll's Journal #1)

Okay, well, I thought I would have some kind of withdrawal symptoms by now after being without Goodreads for a full 24 hours plus. LOL But no such luck. I had a nice walk to the post office where on my return home, stopped and had a bite to eat and got to talk to some locals.

Took another nice slow walk around the hood, my sister and nephew dropped by and we took him to the ice cream store then I played some Madden NFL, and played some computer games while doing some research for some upcoming posts.

I think this weekend I am going back to doing some good old fashioned book reading.

Friday, I am going to Columbus to visit my manager, eat pizza and play some Madden with him. I have a score to settle after the last time. LOL

Since my manager has taken over my Goodreads account, he is finding it more difficult than he thought. He already learned one important thing, that you don't have to delete your account and open a new one to change you name. LOL I am never going to let him live that one down. I completely lost it when he told me.

Well, the house is clean, the dishes done, all is quiet and .... I am so freaking bored! LOL And loving every minute of it. I do miss my Goodreads friends though.  What I don't miss is the drama that a certain someone always seemed to love to give me. I wonder how she is doing? ... Who cares? Haha

Maybe I will keep a journal of my time away from Goodreads. I mean, I was on there everyday except for when I was in the hospital after suffering from stress caused by that girl. LOL Oh, the memories.

I am working on a couple of projects. I hope to share more on that later. Until then, I am going to go watch a movie or something and you all have a great day or night, whichever apllies.


  1. *shakes head* Hahaha! Carz, you thought you'd have withdrawal only after one day off GR? LOL You're crazy :)
    But I'm happy you had a good day and you're taking your "leave" so positively :)
    Maybe this being away from GR will give you more time to spend with your nephew and family. And it'll surely keep your mind away from a certain person who's only done you bad. Geez, she sent you to the hospital!?! For God's sake! She's not worth all that pain!
    I hope you'll have hundreds of good days, starting from today. I wish you didn't have to leave GR cause we - or at least, I - feel your absence on the group. But if this is doing you good, and happier, then I'm fine. :) I like better to know you off GR but happy and healthy rather than on GR and stressed and unhappy.

    Love you, Sugar babe :)
    PS: kiss those two sweet cheeks of your nephew for me :P

  2. Oh and I think I like this idea of keeping a Journal. :)

  3. Thanks Sara. I think it will be good too. It is a way I can communicate to everyone and they to communicate to me.


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