Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Carroll Bryant's DVD Reviews #3

As crazy as this week has been, I still found time to watch a couple of decent flicks. No point in dragging this intro on so let's jump on the horse and ride it, shall we?


This is a guys movie from start to finish. This movie is stocked piled with some big names. Danny Trejo, Steven Seagal, Michelle Rodriquez, Jessica Alba, Robert DeNiro, and a cameo by Lindsey Lohan.

An ex-federale is set up, double-crossed and left for dead. After being betrayed by by the man who hired him to kill a texas senator, this ex-federale (Machette) launches a brutal rampage of revenge against his former boss.

Warning: This is a "B" movie in my book. Not the best story plot, not very well written, and not even the acting is all that in my opinion. But if you like to watch things blow up, and violence and some nudity, and if you go into this with the frame of mind to not take it so seriously, you just might enjoy it a little. Still, to be completely honest, while i may watch this movie again in like a year or two, I still have to push hard to give it six stars. You would really have to like macho movies to like this one. There were some comical moments, but the trick is not to take it so seriously.


Another guy flick, but women might enjoy it too. At least they will have Paul Walker to look at. He is the star of this action packed and fast paced film of struggling mod hand, Joey Gazelle, who finds his life turned inside out when a "hot" weapon he's in charge of concealing/disposing goes missing. With two mob families and a team of crooked cops watching his every move, Joey sets out on a chilling and bloody persuit, manuvering his way through a horrific web of creeps and criminals, praying he can retrieve the gun and make it home to his family. It makes Kill Bill look like Sesame Street.

It's pretty good, actually. A lot better than it sounds. I give it a solid 7 1/2 stars.

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