Saturday, December 7, 2019

Pike County Ohio: Email To Carroll

I got a few emails already responding to my last post Pike County Ohio It has been a while since I got this many emails from a post on any of my blogs.

However, at this point I am only going to share one them in this post. It is from a reader who asks: WHY DO YOU HATE COPS?

Well, reader, the truth is, I don't hate cops. One of my best friend's is a retired cop. There have been a couple of cops right here in Piketon that I got along with as well. I also mentioned in my post that I have had no problems with any Ohio State Highway Patrol officers and in the nearby city of Waverly, I have had a few encounters with Waverly police and I had no problem with them.

You see, I have no problem with good cops who are trying to do their job. And the good cops are not out looking for a fight. Cops like Brock Clemmons are going around looking for a fight. Which is probably why he brought back-up the other day when came to talk to me. Maybe he thought I was going to beat him up or something. An old man with health issues and no violent criminal past. I mean, sure, even in my current condition, if Brock and I went at it one on one, I would beat the shit out of him so bad that he would have to wear an adult diaper for the rest of his life, but that isn't the point.

I think the better question is, why do cops like Piketon Ohio police department chief of police, Brock Clemmons dislike me so much?

Think about it.

I am a law abiding citizen. I have no criminal / violent history. I go about the town doing my commerce, minding my own business, looking to help people, not hurt them so wouldn't you think that someone like Brock Clemmons would appreciate a citizen like that? Some cops do appreciate that. But why doesn't Brock appreciate it?

Because Brock Clemmons is not a good cop.

Brock wants people to kiss his ass. Brock wants people to fear him because Brock doesn't know how to earn people's respect.Brock is a goddamn liar. You can't trust anything he says. In my post I told you about the lie he said to me to my face. The point is, Brock, and many others at the Piketon police force as well as the Pike County sheriff's office, are bad cops. Brock is a disgrace to his profession. He doesn't talk with you, he talks down at you. Brock thinks his shit doesn't stink. And if he doesn't like you then you get no justice.

My point is this; Brock likes to use intimidation and bully tactics to get people to fear him. I stand up to bullies like Brock. I stand up to criminals. I stand up to bad people. I stand up to evil. Brock doesn't like me because he is a bad seed, and I won't be intimidated by him or any of his boyfriends that he brings with him to my door.

You have to understand, reader, that a good cop would have arrested those two thugs that attacked me when they saw the video. Even if they liked the two guys and didn't like me, a good cop would have gone with the evidence and did the job they are expected to do. Yet none of the Pike County deputy sheriff's that were on the scene made the arrest. And later, Brock Clemmons did not make the arrest. And why didn't they make the arrest? Because they like the two attackers and they do not like me. And yet, I am not a criminal, or someone going around looking for violence or trouble, I am a law abiding citizen that deserves justice just like everyone else.

No cop has to like me or be my friend, but a good cop will do his or her job regardless of their personal feelings towards me or anyone else. The motto isn't "To Serve and Protect only those we like" is it?

That's what I thought.

Brock, and cops like him, do not like to be called out. I call them out. I don't put up with their bullshit and I do not kiss their sorry sissy asses.

I don't have to stand up to good cops because a good cop doesn't go around trying to act like some tough guy or bad-ass. But a bad cop does. I think Brock might have some kind of complex or something that allows the power of his badge / position go to his head. He's still a child learning his way. He might grow out of it someday.

So this isn't about me hating cops, it's about bad cops that hate me. And their feeble attempts to try and turn me into some kind of criminal or something. I mean, you can see it in their eyes that they would love nothing more than to lock me up .... and for what? As I stated, I have no criminal history so why are the Brock's of the world trying so hard to turn me into one?

Because they are bad cops. Bad people. Crooked and corrupt and I stand up to those kinds of people. And someone like me puts the fear of Satan in their hearts.

I hope you understand what I am trying to say here. The question isn't why I hate cops because I don't hate cops. The question is, why do these cops (like Brock Clemmons) hate me so much when I am not the bad guy? And why do cops like Brock Clemmons refuse to give me the same kind of justice like anyone else?

There lies the bigger mystery.

And one last thing, I have never had problems with cops before I moved here so, why am I having problems with them in Piketon? Maybe because they started out harassing me and I stood up to them and hurt their precious little feelings? Or do crooked cops get their orders from crooked Mayors? What do you think Billy Boy Spencer? A former crooked cop himself turned crooked Mayor perhaps? Maybe next election, he won't run unopposed.  

Thanks for your question.

I might post some more answers to readers question in the near future as this has been fun, and I know I have stopped all comments on this blog (to keep the stupid from overtaking the place) and there are some out there who just want to know what hell is going on. lol

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