Monday, February 6, 2017

Donald Trump Is "MY" President

I remember the first time I was eligible to finally vote. I think everyone remembers that. I was so excited. However, as excited as I was, the man I voted for was not "MY" president. It was my mothers president. I voted for Ronald Reagan's re-election. I wasn't quite old enough to vote for him the first time around.

My mother was a huge Reagan fan. He was her second "MY" president. Her first "MY" president was JFK. It was also her first time she ever voted. Her third "MY" president was Bill Clinton. Donald Trump is her fourth "MY" president.

Lucky her.

Like I said, even though I voted for Reagan, he wasn't "MY" president. I merely voted for him because of my mother. I was also registered as an Independent.

After that, I skipped the next election. Even though George H. W Bush won, I wasn't inspired by either candidate. And then came Bill Clinton. I was not a huge fan of 'Willy'. My mother was. Instead, I was inspired by Ross Perot. Old Ross was my first "MY" candidate, but because he ended up losing to Bill Clinton, he never made it to becoming "MY" president.

When it was time for Bill's re-election, I ended up voting for him. First off, he didn't do anything to fuck up anything, except sign the NAFTA trade agreement, which I later determined to be horrible for the future of America. (Which turned out to be true.) That action would later cause me to doubt the democrat party.

Second, he came through my hometown, Chillicothe, Ohio, by train. He held a campaign speech where the "Fiesta" drive-in used to be. A drive-in that my mother used to take us kids often during the summers. I got to watch many Elvis Presley movies on that gigantic outdoor screen. It was also where I saw "Exorcist" for the first time.

But, I was there to hear his speech, shake his hand and since my mother was crazy for Willy, I voted for his re-election. But make no mistake, I liked him a little, he still wasn't "MY" president. When Bill was done, it came down to Al Gore and George W. Bush, I passed. Neither was winning me over. For Gore, he basically had no chance of my vote anyway because he was a democrat, and by this point, I learned the truth about democrats. (They are socialists.)

There is nothing American about being a socialist.

I also stayed away from the voting machines with George's re-election.

Then came Obama. I sat out his two elections, as I was not sure about him the first time around. I remained quiet and three years later, determined he was a big suck ass and thus, he began to earn the nickname, Obamatard. (That's what I call him now-days.)

He did great bringing the country together during his first campaign, and throughout the first couple of years, but after the killing of Usama Bin Laudin, it was all down-hill after that. His socialist agenda more than shined through and that was a huge turn-off for me. But after the IRS targeting of republicans, and no one was held accountable for it, and then the Benghazi murders and Hillary Clinton, then secy of state, blamed it on a video when we all knew, and later found out through Wikileaks, that it was terrorists, well, it wasn't long before Obama became Obamatard to me. I think it finally came when he lied about his health care law. 1) Keep your plan. (Lie) 2) Keep your doctor (Lie) 3) Smaller deductibles (Lie) 4) Smaller premiums (Lie) - You get the drift.

But there are so many more reasons why Obamatard earned the nickname, Obamatard.

Then came 2015, and suddenly, the candidates were mounting for the GOP primary. Everyone knew the golden boy was Jeb Bush. I myself was eyeing John Kasich, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz. Then something amazing happened. Trump tossed his name into the mix. The evening he announced he was running for president, and he gave his speech, I was hooked. "Build a wall?" I said out loud, "Count me  in!"

That was when Donald Trump became "MY" president. And finally! I felt that American pride so many have spoken of so many times before. I do believe it was the first time I ever felt it.

I have long since stopped celebrating the 4th of July. With democrats destroying my country and its freedom(s), I no longer felt it was worth celebrating because thanks to the democrats, we have lost many of our freedoms in America since the day I was born. Their stupid war on tobacco is just one of many examples.

Donald Trump is the only one who can fix this broken America. This divided America. (Thanks Obamatard.) And I knew he was the only one who could have any chance of surviving the hate attack the GOP candidate was going to receive by the hate group known as the democrat party. (Now I call them a terrorist organization.)

I was right.

And now he is President Trump. The universe is righting itself as we live and breathe. Not only did Trump WIN / EARN the presidency, but the GOP took over and kept the majority of the House and Senate. As well as gaining an advantage with governor's by the rate of 31 to 19. And because of the continued hate, violence, bullying and intimidation of the democrat party, I am hopeful it will remain like this for quite some time to come.

The continued violence and intolerance of the democrats, along with their evil hate, tells me that Donald Trump was the right choice and will continue to keep democrats on the losing end of mid term elections, and beyond. That's just fine with me. I may have been an Independent that leaned left when I was young, but now I am an Independent that leans anti-democrat party, PERIOD!

Their protests / riots have pushed me to ensure I do everything I can to keep democrats (and get them) out of office at every level. By any means. Especially after John Lewis, a man who got the crap beat out of him by white racist democrats, then joined them after he recovered from his wounds, called Trump "not a legitimate president". John Lewis made a career in politics ensuring that the black community would be uneducated, unemployed and living off that government cheese, and living in poverty. That is not a hero to me, or an icon. He is really an "Uncle Tom".

But Donald J. Trump is "MY" president, and I know he will make America great again. I also hope that his presidency destroys the evil democrat party. There is nothing American about socialism.



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