Saturday, February 18, 2017

Democrat Hate: Past And Present

Like so many Americans, I, too, am getting very frustrated by what I see on my television screen. So many democrats rioting (under the guise of protesting) and watching them destroy property and start fires in the streets and shutting down other people's right to free speech. It sickens me greatly. To observe so much hatred from so many people for unknown reasons can drive you up the wall. Criminal behavior beyond normal comprehension. I get it. Enough already, right?

Well, sure, however, there is a part of me that tries to always look on the bright side. I mean, let's face it, the democrats have a long history of hate that extends far beyond reasonable measures. When I see their hate in the here and now, since around 2014 to 2017, I think how lucky we are that we're not back in the 1960's or something. Back then, that hate by the democrats was targeted at the African-American community, and the results from that was black people being murdered and killed at a record pace by democrats. They were beating them senseless and hanging them in trees. It was horrible. But that's what democrat hate is all about, taking other people's rights away by any means necessary. Even by murder!

So, yeah, when I see what the democrats are doing with their hate in today's world, I shudder, but for now, at least they are not murdering people. YET!

By yet, I mean, who knows what tomorrow will bring. Hate is a powerful drug that brings about insanity. The manner in which democrats are spewing their hate, it appears to be growing and expanding. Let us not forget that during the campaign for president, outside of many of his rallies, Trump supporters were attacked physically at times. Even after the election, Trump supporters were being attacked. So maybe we are witnessing the evolution of this democrat hate and perhaps, they will soon begin killing people again.

We have already heard some of them, like Madonna, threaten to blow up the White House so, who knows, we could be sliding into history again like back in the 1960's. The only question is, will they (democrats) start targeting black people again? Or will it just be republicans in general, regardless of their skin color? Or gender?

One can only wonder.

This could mean that republicans, or independents like myself that voted for Trump, might want to consider carrying their firearms with them for protection. Let's be honest here, these democrats have a tremendous amount of hate in their hearts. They have shown themselves to be extremely violent when they want to be. It is only wise to protect yourself from these liberal criminals.

So yes, when I see democrats acting in such a violent manner, with disregards towards property, laws, and life, I do become somewhat annoyed and concerned. But when I reflect to the ways democrats used to show their hate in the 1960's, I am grateful that they progressed somewhat slightly. But I also worry for how long? How long before we start to see them reverting back to those days in the 1960's, and how long before they start going on their murderous rampage again?

And who will they target this time?

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