Friday, January 6, 2017

Fantasy Football 2016 Champs! Carroll Bryant


I posted earlier about how all 16 of my fantasy football teams made the playoffs in their respective leagues. None of my teams finished less than 3rd place in the regular season.

Well, 13 of those teams went on to play in their league championship game and 12 of those 13 won their league championship.

Let me say that again, but only with a lot more vinegar. Twelve of those thirteen teams WON! their league championship game!


Anyhow, I have had the "dream" season in fantasy football. When you consider that the average player gets 30% to 40% of their teams into the playoffs, for me to get 100% of mine is mind blowing. Especially when you consider that the last two years I got 9 of 10 teams into the playoffs and the year before that, I got 9 of 12 teams into the playoffs, then you can see how I have hit "The Zone" when playing this game. 

I am on fantasy football fire. 

I am just going to sit back and enjoy this feeling. I am also contemplating if I want to play next year. You see, I am kind of bored with it now. lol It just doesn't get that much better than this. 

While there are plenty of people, friends and strangers, handing out the compliments and insults, I just can't see how this game is challenging anymore. And believe it or not, winning has gotten a little bit stale. Especially when everyone was "coming for me" this season. They were trying to draft "my favorite players" in the draft, not realizing that I have a lot of favorite players. Ha-ha

I have draft plans, and then I have back up draft plans, and then I have back up draft plans to my back up draft plans. lol And yet, I still managed to manage my teams into the playoffs. There was also a lot more activity this season in the fight for free agents. On some of my teams I made more than 25 transactions and a few were in the 30's and a couple in the 40's. I had a lot of injuries again this year, as every year, and I had to fight like a dog to get quality replacements onto my teams, but I did it. I made it through the process and came out of it with 12 of 16 teams league champs. 

And now below, are the snapshots of the champion banners. 

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