Monday, January 16, 2017

Carroll's Journey: Told You So

I told you so!

For the past few years I have been on certain political media / news sites informing people that democrats suck at math. Mostly I said this just to piss democrats off or otherwise, get under their skin. I got a big kick out of it.

Most people responded with the "where's your proof" comment if not their classic "F you" remarks that clearly demonstrate their "intelligence" level.

However, now I have my proof.

Just the other day, the California Department of Education released their statistics of which showed that only 29% of students were able to satisfy the basic standard requirements of their specific grade level in ....... drum roll please ..... math!

Of those 29%, only 18% of African Americans were able to reach the basic standards of math in their grade level.

This means that 79% of kids in California failed to reach their basic standard requirements in math. Which means, and it's official now, that democrats suck at math. So thank you the State of California for proving what I have been saying for two or three years now.

I told you so! LMAO

I have also been saying during these past few years that democrats are not very bright in general. So what do the politicians do in light of these horrible math results? They decide to get together to push an agenda and encourage teachers to teach kids how to "spot" fake news. LMAO AGAIN!

Democrats are not very bright. lol I would think that instead of teaching kids how to spot fake news, you might want to teach them, oh, I don't know ....... MATH!?

Hey, California kids! I can teach you how to spot fake news, but unfortunately, you may not understand it because you suck at math. But here goes .....

90% of liberal media is fake news while only 60% of republican media is fake news, thus, you're more likely to get the real news from republican media. (If you watch "The Blaze", you will get fake news, just as if you watch CNN, MSNBC and if you go to BuzzFeed or read The New York Times or the Washington Post, you will get fake news by the truck load.)

Always remember, kids, to be a democrat you have to be one of the three, 1) a socialist, 2) a communist, or 3) a terrorist. (What kind of democrat are you?) But to be a democrat, you will always be a liar, a cheater, a fake, a fraud, a bully, rig elections, and a non-American because there is nothing American about being a socialist, a communist and or a terrorist. It's called the land of the free, not the land of the "ist".

I hate to say it, but ... I TOLD YOU SO!

Okay, I don't hate to say it. lol

This could also explain why democrats don't understand the difference between the "electoral" voting process / system, and the "popular" vote. Our founding fathers were very good at math, and reasoning, as well as fair play.

To all the kids in California ..... good luck.

(You're so gonna need it.)  


  1. that doesnt prove shit

    1. I wasn't trying to prove shit, I was trying to show that democrats suck at math. Proof is in the test scores. lol


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