Sunday, June 12, 2016

Nightclub Massacre: America In Distress

As I sit and watch the reports of the nightclub massacre in Orlando, Florida, I start to wonder why and how such a thing like this continues to occur in this country. Believe it or not, once upon a time, America was bad ass. Things like this never happened in this country before. Not to this magnitude. So how and why is it happening today? That is the question. The answer is right there in front of all of our faces. We just can't see it. Or can we? Maybe we see it but are too coward to do anything about it. Only when I listened to all those interviewed from this tragic event did the answer finally strike me in the head .... and in the heart.

This is all of our fault. America and Americans are to blame for these kinds of attacks in our country. We have brought this onto ourselves. In a way, we deserve these attacks because we are doing nothing to prevent them. Not one damn thing.

1) First off, I am looking at the lack of care we give to those who suffer from Mental Health Issues. Oh sure, we have 'Obamacare', and it costs out of the ass to pay for every month and the deductibles are outrageous, and we have to pay for things that we don't even need or use, but nowhere in it does it do a damn thing for "Mental Health Issues".

You see, I sometimes keep my handgun on the kitchen table. It lays there loaded. And while it sits on the table, it hurts no one. In my hands, it continues to hurt no one - unless I ever need to use it to protect people from a madman. Yet, if someone with mental health issues puts that gun in their hand, a school full of kids or a movie theater of people could end up getting shot and or dead.

We need to address mental health issues in this country and we need to do it fast. There are people out there who need counseling and they need to be on some kind of meds. And until we finally address this issue, and address it seriously, incidents like what happened in Orlando, Florida and other places across America will continue to occur.

2) We also are failing to destroy ISIS. (And other terrorists groups) And because our current POS president does not take a more serious approach to this issue. The lone wolf attacker(s) like the one in Orlando, Florida and the attackers in San Bernardino, California, will continue to happen, just like Donald Trump has predicted it would.

By not destroying ISIS and other terror groups, we allow them to recruit and encourage the sick minded to go on killing sprees. By wiping them out, we take much of, if not all of, that inspiring notion away. These lone wolf attacks would dwindle greatly with the destruction and total elimination of ISIS and other terrorist groups. But for some reason, our president chooses to do nothing except to refer to them as "JV Team".

My gun that sits on the kitchen table hurting no one would hurt many if it landed in the hands of a terrorist. Lucky for us that is not the case.

3) Border security is lacking in America. Anyone and their grandma can waltz right on in, bringing drugs and or weapons into this country. We are vetting nobody. Not even refugees. And on top of this, we are not deporting illegals either. We are not even deporting the illegals who are criminals! They can come into this country and kill as many Kate Steinle's as they want, and it seems that nobody gives a shit about it. Why is that?

And why am I the least bit surprised? Why would anyone be surprised for that matter? I mean, we can't even seem to do anything about all the gang crime in Chicago. Nor can we even stop the thuggish criminal protestors outside a Donald Trump rally. The cops almost don't even do anything to protect people from these horrible monsters. They stand by and watch them commit their crimes in broad daylight like their watching a reality TV show for Christ's sake. And hardly anyone is ever arrested.

This is stupid.

My gun continues to sit on the table hurting no one, but let an illegal immigrant or gangster put that gun in their hand and people would probably get hurt.

4) The worst part about all of this violence is, there are actually many places in America, and I'm talking towns, cities, and states that absolutely will not allow their law abiding citizens to protect themselves. Can you believe it?

Many millions of Americans are nothing more than sitting ducks for criminals to gun down, and lets face it, that gunman in Orlando, Florida had plenty of time to kill 50 people and wound 53 more because nobody in that crowd or nearby had a gun to protect themselves with.

You see, sometimes I walk around and or drive with my gun close by. I refuse to be anyone's victim. I aim to protect myself 100 percent. If anyone decides to go on a shooting spree with me around, they will get met with return fire. And I would gladly risk my life to save others if it ever got down to that. But I am protected and no politician will EVER take that away from me for as long as I am alive - that I can assure you.

So you see, when I look around and wonder why and how we have become targets, it doesn't take a genius to understand it is because America - for some strange reason - refuses to do the things it needs to do to protect themselves from these types of situations. And all of the things I have mentioned are the things we need to do to put an end to these mass shootings.

America and Americans have become - basically - one big pussy. One huge coward. That or we are all just a bunch of stupid idiots because we will not take the measures we need to take to end this violence. And honestly, I don't believe the democrats want the violence to stop. It appears to work right into their wheelhouse of abolishing the 2nd amendment of our constitution. And quite frankly, nothing could be more dangerous for Americans than to take the guns out of the hands of anymore law abiding citizens. We can't continue to be "sitting ducks".

We have to address these real issues if we want to put an end to these mass shootings. And it would also help if certain stupid people would stop making the claim that global warming is our number one threat. It isn't. Our number one threat in America is ISIS / lone wolf attackers, illegal immigrants, refugees that haven't been properly vetted, gangs, people with mental health issues, and unprotected law abiding citizens.

To be more honest, I am done mourning the loss of life from these mass shootings. I mean, if the politicians don't care, and the people themselves don't care, then why the hell should I care? I am only going to stay focused on protecting myself and the people around wherever I may go. But if Americans are not going to actually address the real problems then why should I mourn the death that comes about from these unsolved problems? I just can't drop another tear for the stupid and or the weak. I can't. I'm all dried up. I have no more sympathy left for those who refuse to protect themselves and allow the politicians to keep them from protecting themselves from all of these dangers - that if what I mentioned above got addressed, these incidents would stop occurring. But I don't expect too many of you to understand this. This kind of intellect may be more than many of you can handle. And this is why I can't feel for you anymore - you simply do not do anything to protect yourselves.

And for the life of me, I can't figure out why. 

It is not the gun that sits on my table that shoots and kills people, it is only when that gun is in the hands of an evil mind will it hurt anyone. A gun in my hand and or a law abiding citizens hand will protect from these types of mass shootings. Taking guns away from law abiding citizens will only put more Americans in more danger. 

Then again, maybe that's the ultimate goal of the democrats - to take away everyone's guns and make us all sitting ducks for the criminals, the terrorists, the illegal immigrants, and the mentally ill. 

I got my protection. Do you?


  1. Typical republican response. Deserved? Isn't that a bit harsh?


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