Thursday, June 30, 2016

Carroll's Journey: Orphan Boy

Everything is just strolling along these days. Some good. Some bad. Some just .... some. Anyhow, I did get my fantasy football drafts completed early. It seems like every year I get my teams drafted earlier and earlier. Maybe one day I will get my new teams drafted just days after league championships are played. lol Hey! ... I can dream. :)

This year, I had to replace a team in our local league. We (the rest of the nine teams left) decided it was time to bring in our third female member ever and our first under 18 member, Joe's daughter, and my adopted daughter, Kelly. And for the first time ever in our league history, we actually had all ten members draft under the same roof.

MINE! lol

I had 4 at the kitchen table, 3 on the couch and Joe, Kelly and myself in my bedroom. The place was crowded, but we had a lot of fun. We had hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hotdogs, brats, pizza, KFC, with chips / dip, cake, ice cream, donuts, and plenty to drink. Lots of food and fun. It should be an exciting FF season. And along with my local team, I also have 14 other teams - 15 in total this year.

On a down side, I did have to divorce my family finally. I didn't want to do it, but after 20 plus years of problems, I decided (or realized) that things were not going to get resolved. so ... after yet another issue came about, I quickly made the decision to cut the ties. I am missing the kids like crazy, but maybe one day they will see that I did what I had to do. There is a certain way you should treat people and they should treat you and if that treatment isn't going correctly then you have to make that hard choice. I made it. Now I live with it. But I do feel freer than ever before. At least the break up wasn't all nasty. Maybe between my younger sister and I but my mother and I parted on somewhat good terms.

So now I am an orphan. What now?

I'll tell you what now .... only about a month until pre-season NFL action! lol And then a month after that .... FOOTBALL!

That's what now. Yeah, baby.

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