Thursday, March 10, 2016

UFO Files: Renaissance Paintings

I know that in today's modern age of technology, putting together a fake video of an UFO is really an easy task. And often times, it is done. People now-days just shrug their shoulders at it and probably don't even give it a second thought. And why should they?

For skeptics of the 'ancient alien' theory, it's hard to convince that this stuff could be true because they are all like, "show me the proof". And yet, when you show it to them, they choose to continue living with their eyes (and minds) closed.

To write about extraterrestrials or even to put something of the topic in your paintings today, it probably means nothing, and or gets little to no reaction of any kind. But when you look at the paintings from the renaissance era, I'm inclined to believe that it means just a little bit more. It means a lot.

Back in the renaissance times, people took things a little more serious. They took life a lot more serious and they explored each and everyday for new discoveries of any kind.

Looking up in the sky was probably their "television" time because there was probably nothing else to do very much what with iphones and ipads not having been invented yet. And I'm pretty sure they spent countless hours looking up at the sky at night to watch the stars. That and their imaginations were probably 90% of their entertainment.

Imagine how their imaginations flowed when they saw something that flew across the sky and maneuvered like it was being operated by some kind of intelligence. I bet they were so shocked and mystified that they wrote it down and documented the experience. Maybe even, they painted pictures of what they saw or what was told to them that others may have seen.

Many would write this off as exactly that, imaginations gone wild, but before you lock and load that explanation into your brain, consider this, back then, when people wrote something down, it was something of major importance. Back then, when maybe a hard stone or cave wall was your canvas, you didn't rely on imagination to create a fantasy. Nor when they first developed a form of paper, it was not something they would waste. Nor canvas. Oh, no, the writers and the artists of the time did not waste their skills much on doodling. They were more into capturing the world around them. And I believe this also includes the things they saw in the sky.

What impresses me the most about these drawings and paintings is, how these flying discs look like what we perceive them to look like also. But back then, the word 'discs' or 'UFO' just wasn't in their vocabulary yet. I mean, back then, the word 'car' or 'truck' or 'airplane' were not in their vocabulary. They used the words that were in their vocabulary which was things like, 'chariot', or 'cart' or maybe 'dragon', or something close to that.

Skeptics will continue to say that these UFO images were inserted into the painting(s) by the artist(s) for "effect" purposes only. I disagree with this assertion. Clearly, these artists were trying to express what it was that they saw and or experienced with their own eyes.

More and more researchers, scientists and ancient alien enthusiasts are coming to the conclusion that there are deep meanings behind these drawings and paintings, leading more and more of them to believe that we have been visited by traveler's from other planets and galaxies. It also leads many to concur that our early ancestors came in direct contact and perhaps were influenced by extraterrestrial beings. To this day, no one has ever given a reasonable explanation for why these flying discs were included into these paintings. Were our ancestors capturing events that were taking place accurately? Were they trying to leave something behind for future generations to see? Or are these paintings nothing more than artists using their artistic license to create, and stir up, controversy? Or were they just plain nuts? ..... You decide. I have already made my decision.

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