Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Carroll's Journey: The Librarians

I think the best job in the world would have to be being a librarian. I'm not quite sure how much they get paid, maybe minimum wage, maybe more, but be that as it may, whatever they are getting paid, it's too much. It's too much because it looks so easy to do. I mean, you loan a book out and do some computer work. When people return books, you log them back in, put them on a cart and then at some time later, roll the cart down the book aisle and put the books back on the proper shelves. Easy peasy lemon squeezey.

I'm actually sitting in a library right now, as I write this. It's the day after the Super Bowl and I got a headache, the runs, and I'm coming off of a wicked dream. I dreamed that a girl I know from the internet came to visit me. She didn't visit me at my home, but instead, at an Internet Addiction Center. lol Yeah, I know, right?

Anyhow, we made out a little and then she left. As I walked back into the center, heading for my room area, I found out my very expensive silkish towels were missing. Apparently, the staff helped themselves, Those things cost 20 bucks each. I was furious. I mean, I was furious!

Then I woke up.

The reason I am sitting in a library and writing this post is, I have come to a place of extreme boredom in my life where every day is virtually the same day as before. (Ground-Hog's Day!) And I wanted to change things up for a little while, so I had my internet connection removed and now if I want to get online, I go to the library, or I hook up with my laptop off of someone elses wireless. I also decided to lighten my load a bit and sell, give away, or trash most of, if not all of, the junk in my home. I got too much crap!

Well, I had too much crap. It's starting to dwindle down a bit. I sold my desktop, along with my printer. I sold some other electronics like one of my stereos. I sold my collection of porn. (Now you know I mean business). I sold more of my DVD's. Everything goes!

Well, not everything. But I ask myself, do I use it? Do I need it? Do I want it? And if the answer to all three are NO, then it goes. One YES, and I keep it.

I don't know why I am doing this, I just am. Too much clutter is bad for the soul.

Finally though, my life has gotten back to normal somewhat. I mean, people haven't been bugging me much lately for an autograph or anything. I like my life better when nobody knows who I am. I never wanted to be famous, but the Goodreads bullies threw me to the world. The only thing I could do was ride the wave. I mean, if it is destiny that I be famous, then why fight it? But fortunately for me, the bullies finally stopped, for now, and I get to drift back into obscurity where I thrive a lot better.

And while I never wanted to be famous, I do want my work to be known. I want my work to be more famous than me. If I wanted the glory, I wouldn't have used a pen name to begin with. Although, inside my pen name lies my real name so, it's a quagmire. (I'm a quagmire).

The point is, I am a lot happier when everything is quiet. Right now, everything is quiet.

I enjoyed what little snow we got thus far. Back in January, when we finally got hit, I got snowed in with the 14 year old daughter of a very good friend of mine. We survived the two day ordeal. It was actually kind of fun. Then a few weeks later, on a Saturday, we went to Columbus to look at some artwork. And coming up this early Spring, she and I will take a week to ten days to travel the east coast to look at some lighthouses. Sounds like fun. She's an aspiring artist and she loves lighthouses. She wants to start painting them, and she thinks if she were to actually see them with her own eyes, and take her own pictures, her artwork will be better for it.

She may have a point.

One thing though, she also writes poetry and she wants to write songs too. She's learning the play the piano. Sometimes she drops by and practices on my keyboard. She's a great kid. I have known her and her family for eight years at least. I've watched her grow up. I guess she is like my adopted daughter. But it's an awesome feeling knowing that she was inspired by my work. (That's what she claims). It's quite an honor to be credited for inspiring someone to get involved in the arts. I hope she sticks with it.

Health front: Everything is going smoothly. My health is fine. My mother has finally gotten her problems fixed. My nephew gave us a scare recently. Other than that, not much happening in the health watch area.

I will leave you all with this thought. "The Super Bowl halftime show kind of sucked."

Please retire Peyton Manning. Seriously, just retire already. It's time.

Oh, and as for Cam Newton - Grow the fuck up.

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  1. Your a rare soul. I imagine you get rid of your possessions because you live light. You cant take these things with you when you leave so why get too fond of them, right? I can dig it.


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