Saturday, February 20, 2016

Secrets Of My Songs #15 (This Pain)

Life is a roller-coaster no matter who you are. Everyone has their ups and downs. Relationships are probably the worst of the ride sometimes. I mean, you meet someone and you want it to work out so much but no matter how hard you try, two worlds that once held hands in harmony, soon clash like lions and deer. And so did this song become from a relationship more than filled with the flame of passion and pride.

She was a 20 year college student who wanted to work part-time as an exotic dancer, and I was a 30-something fancy fart who wanted her to not be an exotic dancer. The relationship was poked, prodded and smashed around so hard and so often that sooner or later, I knew it was bound to crash land. And it did. The two hearts were broken into millions of pieces. But here's the thing, she thought I would crack because, and I am using her words, "You are lucky to have me. Any man would give up their lungs to be with me."

Yeah, she was a bit into herself you could say. And I wrote this song as my response to her conceit. I don't think she ever got the pleasure to hear it. Maybe she has discovered my songs on Youtube and listened to it, never knowing I wrote it for her, and about her, but - oh, well. I still wrote it. Perhaps she will find this post some day and realize who she is.

Interesting side note: She lives close to my friend Dave, who lives in Iowa. She left Ohio and went back home to finish college, which I hear she did, and she got married, had a child, got divorced, and is into photography. She's pretty good, too. I've seen some of her work. Anyhow, here is her (our) song.

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