Monday, February 15, 2016

Secrets Of My Songs #14 (Blood And Fire)

My song, "The Blood And The Fire", was basically taken from a dream I had of Jesus being crucified. I didn't dream it as me being there watching, but of an outside entity observing. I was also going through some emotional distress so some of this song may also apply to that as well. Perhaps my emotional state could have contributed to the dream. But either way, when you get right down to it, for most of us, when we go through tough times, we usually carry the cross alone. We all have our personal demons and burdens we have to bear. Right? ... I also used the music of this song as an instrumental of which I called, "Day Of Reckoning". (Kind of like what I did with the song "Forever Things").

The Blood and The Fire

Day Of Reckoning (Instrumental)

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