Sunday, October 25, 2015

Secrets Of My Songs #12 (Simple Life)

This song has some truth and some fiction in it. The truth is, I got the inspiration for it after eating supper with my parents one summer evening at the lake house back around 2005 or so. They lived in Pike County at the time (Lake White) while I lived in Chillicothe and was working part-time with Goodwill Industries. I wanted to do something for the community before I retired and working for Goodwill was a good way to help the community. I drove mentally disabled adults to their jobs and back home. I also drove elderly and other disabled people to their hospital appointments and or to do personal shopping. I made a lot of friends in that job but once I called it quits on working "real" jobs, I relocated to Piketon to be closer to my mom and stepdad. Then about two years later, they moved back to Chillicothe. "Hey, what's the big deal?" I never have gone hunting. Never owned a coon dog. And I don't really have "Christian faith". That would be the fiction part. I do listen to Patsy Cline. I did drive route 5 for my Goodwill job, however, it wasn't called state route 105, but state route 104.

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