Thursday, October 15, 2015

Draft Kings & Fan Duel: Not Real Fantasy Games

You may have seen their commercials. If you are into sports, then I know you have. If you are into fantasy sports / games, like I am, then it's plastered everywhere you go online to play your games. I play in ESPN leagues, and trust me, the ads pop up everywhere I go when I sign in. They are called Draft Kings and Fan Duel and ... they are not real fantasy sports games, they are gambling sites. And why they haven't been shut down by the government is beyond me. Hey, take my word for it, I play fantasy football and have played it for the past ten years, this is my 11th year, and I would know real fantasy football when I see it, and these two websites are not real fantasy sports. THEY ARE GAMBLING SITES!

Maybe Donald Trump is right, maybe our political leaders are just plain stupid, or too corrupt, because the government lists these sites as fantasy football and that it takes skill to play it. Believe me, there is zero percent of skill required to play any fantasy games. It is all 100 percent luck / chance, and nothing else. Oh sure, it helps to have knowledge of the game you wish to play like, football fantasy. To know all the rosters of all NFL teams, the injury lists, and things like that can help you draft a good team but you cannot control who plays in the real games, and you cannot control how they perform in the games and you cannot control if they get injured. It's all CHANCE! And the government determines that games of chance is gambling while games of skill is not. And again, fantasy sports games are not games of skill, they are games of chance.

We really do need to stop being such a dumb society. We have to start to calling things exactly what they are. And while it offends me greatly to call fantasy sports games a "skill" and not what it really is, which is gambling, the fact that ESPN advertises this garbage proves that ESPN has no morality or scruples. Shame on them, too.

Millions of people are addicted to gambling and while these two sites, and many more like them, continue to claim of all the money you can win, they never mention all the money you can lose. Because it's gambling. That's what gambling is. For every person who wins these so called millions there are nine others who lost their life savings. But you don't ever hear about those stories, do you? That's because to say it would be admitting that Fan Duel and Draft Kings are gambling sites and not real fantasy sports games sites.

It doesn't take a genius to know that anytime you have to pay money to play something, with a chance to win more money, it is gambling! Hey, if you want to bet me that you can run faster than me then isn't that gambling? I mean, I could train to get faster but is running really a skill? No, it isn't, but running through an obstacle course is a skill. The point is, the government needs to shut down any and all sites like Draft Kings and Fan Duel.

Forget that recently there was a story about how one of these sites employees released insider information and won one million dollars in the process. It is corruption through and through. If you want to play real fantasy sports games, then go play because it is fun. But if you want to gamble and risk your life savings then go to Draft Kings or Fan Duel and bet it all, who knows, you might win, then again, you just might lose - after all - it is gambling. And if that is your thing then Draft Kings and Fan Duel is for you. But rest assured, these sites are gambling sites. There is no skill to it. It's all CHANCE.

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