Monday, April 20, 2015

Secrets Of My Songs #2 (Rock That Country)

In this segment I will reveal a secret about the lyrics of my song, "Rock That Country". It all begins with the last verse where I refer to a barn that belongs to someone named "Johnson".

The barn itself is mythological. Kind of. I have taken a few girls behind a barn or two in my day, but who did they belong to? I may never know. One of those barns could have been owned by someone with the last name Johnson.

However, in this case, for my song, I took the name Johnson and used it for my barn to honor the song, "Raspberry Beret", by Prince.

In his song, "Raspberry Beret", he has a line that reads, "... down by old man Johnson's barn ..."  And since I am a fan of Prince, and that particular song, I decided to call the barn in my song, "Johnson's barn".

And now you know the whole story.

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