Monday, April 13, 2015

Secrets Of My Songs #1 (James Dean)

I am starting this new segment where I will be sharing a few secrets behind my songs. The first song I am starting with is "In The Style of James Dean".

In this song, at the end of the bridge, the singer, Mark Reinhart, lets out a scream that ends up tailing out and blending in with the music. This scream was not written into the song, it is what us artists refer to as a "happy accident".

You see, Mark was struggling this day with the lyrics. He has a lryic sheet in front of him to reference in the course of him laying down the vocals but, when he starts singing, he sometimes closes his eyes and tries to find the soul of the sound. In this process, he sometimes gets the lyrics mixed up. Nothing to worry about but, it still gets under his own skin when he messes up and in this particular case, after messing up the lyrics yet again, he let out a scream.

My producer, Brian Preston, liked this scream for some reason and when he played it back he thought he could use it, and use it he did! He left it on the track and now, I can't imagine this song without the scream.

You can hear it for yourself below. 


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