Friday, November 28, 2014

The Ugly Truth: American Politics

The democrats had their chance and blew it. They blew it big time. The reason they blew it was because they showed their cards too early, and the American people finally saw for the first time, without a doubt, that democrats are pushing for "China-Law". We don't want that.

After the handful of lies from the previous Bush administration, the democrats followed it up with a TON of lies, one right after another, and cover ups. NSA spying, IRS targeting, Benghazi, Veterans Administration, Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as "Obamacare" and the lies it took to sell it to the American people), ISIS, Dems support for terrorist organization known as "Hamas", higher taxes (most notable in New York and California), the lies about - and the cover ups of all these things mentioned. And now, the controversial comments made by Jonathan Gruber and the insults of the American people by calling them "stupid", and again, the constant lies from Pelosi and Obama about Gruber's involvement in "Obamacare" and their basic knowledge of who Gruber is. Just constantly insulting the American people's intelligence. We are tired of it!

And now, the arrogant pardoning of 5 million criminals.

In 2016, more democrats will lose seats in congress and the senate. They will lose the White House too. And it will be at least 20 years before the democrats get another chance.

Hope and change was a ruse. Instead of taking the ball and getting stuff done, the democrats settled on finger pointing and blame of the previous administration. All hope was lost. The only changes made were bad. The "most transparent administration in history" promise made by Obama turned into the most "non-transparent administration" of all time. The lies, the cover ups, the insults towards American citizens, the lawlessness, the "better than everyone else" attitude by the democrats has all caught up to them. Not only do they refuse this truth, they can't even admit it. They are going to go down in flames by doing what they do best, lie and deny they did so. The recent mid-term elections told us this. Those who did not show up at the polls were those who voted for "hope and change" ..... and didn't get it.

The truth is, America will never get hope and change. It's too late. We can not get on the right track because nobody is willing to undo the wrongs of the past 15 years to get us back on track. Not republicans and certainly not the democrats. Until we undo the wrongs of the past, American futures are grim at best. That is the ugly truth.

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