Sunday, November 2, 2014

College Football Playoff Fix: The SEC

You can try to find someone on this planet to convince me that this new college football playoff format was an attempt to include as many teams as possible for a chance to win a national football championship, but I doubt you will be successful. You see, I had my suspicions before the 2014 season began, and those suspicions are being verified as we speak.

And what were / are my suspicions? That in truth, this four team college football playoff format was put together to get as many SEC teams involved in the national championship hunt as possible.

For some odd reason, every nitwit and brain dead "expert" seems to think the SEC is the best conference in college football, and that every single team in it should play for the national championship. The thing is, college football has become biased towards the SEC for some reason.

Hey, they have good teams, don't get me wrong, but when was the last time you ever saw an SEC team go on the road in November or December to play in the cold and or snow? Or both? The answer is never, not since the 1970's perhaps. And let's face it, if they would ever pit the best SEC team against the best Big Ten team in an outdoor stadium in mid or late January, that SEC team is going to go down in flames! And for anyone to come on here and debate this, then answer me this, why don't they (NCAA) have championship games outdoors and in the cold elements?

Think about that for a while.

My guess is - the NCAA wants SEC teams involved in the football championship hunt every single year. Let them play every single game indoors or in warmer weather / drier fields and this way, it makes the SEC teams look better, meanwhile, Northern teams must play at least 1/4 of their games outdoors in the wintery elements. (Where you know they risk losing games.) Teams like Notre Dame, Ohio State, Michigan State, and Wisconsin. Teams that every now and then put together a roster that can make a run for a national championship - only to get eliminated at the end of year in a road game played outdoors and in the cold snow. All the while, SEC teams continue playing under ideal conditions all year long and even in the national championship game.

It seems a little fixed to me.

The only way to have a fair and balanced field of competition for a college football national championship playoff is have a field of 11 teams that represent 11 conferences and only conference winners are invited to participate. Period!

The first round of the playoffs could start by mid December. The 6 lowest ranked teams play each other and the three winners then get placed in the final 8 along with the five teams who got a first round bye based on rankings.

On January 1st, you play round two, and four games. The following weekend, four teams and two games. Then, after that, the true national championship game.

How difficult is that?

Instead, we went from "Somebody's Opinion National Championship Game" to "Somebody's Opinion 4-Team Playoff Championship Series".


Here is the reality: This new college football playoff system was put together for one reason and one reason only: To allow as many SEC teams to participate, all other teams and conferences be damned.

I suspected this before the season began, and all the evidence thus far points to this being the case. How else can you explain Ohio State dropping from 5th to 21 after their first loss (and so far, only loss of the season AFTER losing starter Braxton Miller for the entire season) and Alabama dropping only about four spots after their first loss to Ole Miss? And then a week later, Alabama struggled to a 14-13 win over The Razorbacks - after opening the year beating a West Virginia team by a mere 10 points (at home), and a 14 point win against the Volunteers on the road - and they are still in the top5 or 6? With playoff considerations? Really? Seriously? Are you kidding me?

The SEC is sooooooooo overrated. And until they can go out in the cold and snow on the road and win a game over a top 20 team every year like many of the Northern schools have to do, I shall never have any respect for, nor show any respect to, an SEC team.

This explains why I haven't watched a single bowl game or championship game for the past five years. It's all fixed for the SEC teams to win.

As for teams on the West Coast? ..... Well, hell, they all just suck. (Except for Oregon)


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