Friday, August 15, 2014

The Smell Of Love

  Love is like that time you were nine years old and you had to stay with your grandparents for two weeks for whatever reason where you were conflicted with emotion. On the one hand, it's your grandparents, and you love your grandparents! On the other, they only bathed once every two weeks because they live out in the middle of nowhere, miles from civilization, with no indoor plumbing, and the last time they bathed was the day before you arrived.

Oh sure, the visit starts out great, and you have taken up the practice to clean yourself daily in a nearby creek, but by day four or five, you're hiding under the porch in your newly built fort sleeping with their coon dog, a possum and a skunk. All of you with clothespins on your noses and a horrified look of terror on your faces. OMFG!

Move to the city grandpa and grandma!

Yeah, love is like that, only .... without the clothespins.

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