Monday, August 25, 2014

Love Is A Drug

Love is like the first time you dropped acid. You're anticipating an awesome trip. Everyone says it's great. Then when it kicks in, you start hallucinating. People turn into zombies without any skin. When they talk, it sounds like muffled noises. They grow huge fangs. Their eyes turn devil red. Their laughter scares you more than it eases your fears. Everything you see stretches like rubber every which way. Bats start flying around your head. Bugs are crawling on your skin. "Get off me!" You lash out, but to no avail. This is nothing like your friends said it would be. You just want out!

Finally, you come down. Sweat is pouring out from every pore of your body. You're visibly shaken. Your heartbeat starts to slow down. You swear to yourself "never again", but you know that is a lie. You will do it again because you're now addicted to it.

Yeah, love is like that, only without the munchies.

On the plus side, at least you don't have cotton-mouth. 

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