Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Democrats Versus Republicans: The Most Free States In America

When it comes to the war between Democrats and republicans, how many of you are like me, and grit your teeth? The war between the two parties often take the appearance of children fighting on a playground of an elementary school grounds.

I myself am not either, democrat or republican. I am also not an independent. I am an American, nothing more, nothing less. And unlike many, who seem to pick a side, I like to look at the facts when it comes to my political choices. And I don't mean facts that can easily be distorted by one side or another, but rather facts that stand alone on their own merit. I am all about evidence and proof.

I understand that within some of these facts, both sides like to offer up excuses, illusions and or opinions to support their case or argument, but sometimes, facts are just that, facts. Well, today I am going to exam some facts! Facts that might just surprise you - then again - maybe not.

But why is our country in so much turmoil? Why are we so divided in our ideals? America was / is supposed to be a free country. However, we all know that this isn't particularly the case. But how free are we really?

My grandfather told me once that I should never trust a political party that wishes to take away my right to own a gun - or restricts my rights to gun ownership. I think it's safe to say that democrats want to take away guns from the hands of its citizens. But why? Why would a political party NOT want its citizens to carry guns to protect themselves? This is where it gets shady.

The democrats claim it's because of crime. However, if you banned all guns period! crime would not decrease. It has been proven countless times that counties in states that allow carry and conceal of handguns - crime has actually decreased. And the truth is, a recent study showed that violent crime is actually down in 2014 across the nation by some 4 percent. Of course, one would never know this by watching the evening news.

But I'm not here to discuss gun laws or political ideas, I am here to show some facts. Facts that can not be disputed. To do a comparison of the two parties (Dems and GOP) and see which of the two parties gives America more freedoms and rights to its citizens, which after all, is what America is supposed to be all about. Correct?

I decided to look at the states within my country to compare which of these states are more free. I will admit, I wasn't too shocked at what I found. Now, I am going to show you all what I found.

I went to this website, Freedom States to see which of the states in America are more free and which ones were not as free. Which states are the best at giving its citizens more rights and freedoms and which ones were more socialist, or communist, if you will. And in that process, I wanted to know which party dominates the political spectrum of that state. I figured that would give me a much better idea of which party my country would be better off being in control.

Before I reveal my findings, I guess it goes without saying that the city of Detroit, Michigan filed for bankruptcy - and is struggling mightily to function on a fiscal level. Detroit has one of the highest crime rates, if not is a city with the highest crime rate, and subsequently - is predominately a democratic run city with many democratic ideas behind it. but is it fair to judge the democratic party based on this fact of knowledge alone? We'll see.

The top five states, as listed by the website link I left above, shows me that the five worst states for freedom, or the five top states without as much freedoms as the rest are - in no particular order - 1) California, 2) Hawaii, 3) New York, 4) New Jersey, and 5) Rhode Island.

As we know, or should know, California is a predominately democratic state. As is New York, Rhode Island, and Hawaii. All of these states currently have a democratic governor. New Jersey has currently a republican governor. That's an 80 percent ratio. Not looking good for the democrats at this point.

The five most free states in America are listed as - not in any particular order - 1) North Dakota, 2) South Dakota, 3) Oklahoma, 4) Tennessee, and 5) New Hampshire.

North and South Dakota both currently have republican governors. So does Oklahoma. and Tennessee. New Hampshire currently has a democratic governor. Which means that of the most free states in America, 80 percent are republicans.

So, 80 percent of the five most free states are predominately republican, and 80 percent of the five most non-free states are predominately democrat. Really not looking good for Democrats, is it?

Out of the next most free states, 6 through 15, (10 states total) 8 of them are predominately republican - with current republican governors. Another 80 percent.

Of the next 15 of the most non-free states (10 states total), five of them (half) are predominately democratic with current democratic governors.

So now let's break down the numbers, shall we?

Of the fifteen most free states in America, 13 of them are predominately republican states with republican governors. And of the fifteen worst (or most non-free states) 9 are predominately democratic states.

Interestingly enough, Ohio (my state) is predominately democratic yet we currently have a republican governor. As it stands, we are in the middle of the pack. Not one of the worst free states or the most free states. (Just thought I would throw that in there.)

The website I linked above (and used for this post) were scored on over 200 policies encompassing fiscal policy, regulatory policy, and personal freedom. They weighed public policies according to the estimated costs that government restrictions on freedom impose on their victims.

Obviously, each individual holds their own "version" of what "freedom" is. I judge freedom based on how many rights and freedoms I have. Since my birth on this planet, I have lost over fifty freedoms or rights - meaning - there are fifty things today that I am not allowed to do (or is currently against the law for me to do) that I could have done (that wasn't against the law) the day I was born.

The more laws we have, the less our freedoms and rights we have. This is a fact. And from what I have learned from studying communism, they had a lot of "laws".

So, what did I learn from this research? Well, that America is more and more, with each passing year, becoming more "socialistic" or "communist". This makes me sad for the future of our country.

Australia is considered by all accounts a "Nanny" state country. Did you know that you HAVE to vote in Australia? Seriously, they have a law that says that you don't get a choice on weather or not you can vote - that you HAVE to vote! I freely admit that I haven't voted since Bill Clinton. But that's because I haven't seen a candidate since Bill Clinton (George W. Bush, Al Gore, Mitt Romney or Barack Obama) who was worthy of my vote. I didn't want to be responsible for the catastrophe any of these candidates were sure to leave behind. I think Bush and Obama exemplify that perfectly, seeing how they won their respective elections. Both Bush and Obama are easily the two worst presidents of my lifetime - and perhaps of all time. If not, they are certainly both in the top five.

My point is; I shouldn't have to feel pressured to HAVE to vote for anyone if I am not comfortable with the candidates and if I can't see anyone worthy of my vote. But how long before America passes a law that says I HAVE to vote? The truth is, the phrase "Nanny State" is nothing more than saying your country is socialist. Or communist. Do we Americans really want that for our country?

According to my research, the best chance we have to avoid this unfortunate fate is to keep republicans in office. Of course, that's if you go by the facts - and if you think that freedom, real freedom, is living in a country with fewer laws and restrictions. And let's be honest here, that's exactly what freedom really is.


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