Friday, April 5, 2013

Carroll's Journal: Hanging By A Moment

This journal is dedicated to her. She knows who she is. Well, at least I hope she knows who she is. Anyhow, mountains were made to protect her, to guard her, to keep bad forces out. I want to surround her with mountains. The sky was made for her dreams. She has so many of them. I only want them all to come true for her. I would make the sky even more blue for all of her dreams if she ever decided one day to allow me. Maybe she will. The ocean was made for her soul. That's how deep her soul is. Sometimes it is calm. Sometimes it rocks with huge waves. The ocean isn't wide enough or deep enough to contain her worth in this world. The universe is her eyes. I want to be an astronaut. Enough said.

She has an uncanny ability to keep me grounded.

She won't let me get away with anything.

To the world, she is just there. To herself, she is imperfect. To me, she is everything I wished I could be. I fall short of her grace. I long for her inner passion. I lay awake at nights wondering, what does she long for? Hope? Love? Oh, how I wish I knew.

Every day that slips by, is another chance left untouched. Every breath she breathes is another breath of life given to the wind of Atlantis. Lost, but never forgotten. Her heart is a beaten track. Her smile can't be denied. She wanders like a vagabond in her thoughts. She dwells inside of mine like pure gold.

Yeah, this is me .... hanging by a moment.

For you, my lady. You know who you are.

Well, at least I hope you do.

I have to head back to Tinsel Town. 

But for you, I am never gone.

I am always here for you.

Should you ever decide to one day ......

To be continued ..... ??????

There is nothing else ....................

"Hanging By A Moment" - Light House

You make me act so silly. LOL

One day, my journey will lead to you ... and you will journey with me.


For everyone else: This is about as crazy as you will ever see me get.

(Or maybe not.)



  1. I'm confused, I thought you were like 60 or 50 years old Carroll? That's what all the bullies say. You don't look a day over 40. Nice smile. :) Are we ever going to find out who the lucky girl is? Is it Jenny? Tell tell tell.

    1. Yeah, no, you can't trust what the bullies say about me. They don't know me. Oh sure, they pretend they do, but they don't. LOL

      I can smile when I want to. Then again, I have a lot to smile about lately.

      I have a picture post coming up next month with pictures of me off my cam. And some pictures of my trip across America. I also show a picture of my hair proving that I am not bald either. LOL

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Nice to see you happy Carz. You're not all that bad to look at. lol Gotta luv a guy with nice teeth. very sexy. Why the sunglasses?

  3. First off, it is always good to be happy. I wish everyone could be as happy as I am.

    "Not bad to look at?" .... Thanks. I am first to admit I am not photogenic.

    Healthy teeth equals healthy gums equals healthy life.

    Okay, about the sunglasses, over the past year my eyes have mysteriously become extra sensitive to light. Without the sunglasses, I squint all the time and get headaches. I own two pairs of sunglasses. One for when I am out and about, they are just regular sunglasses, and the other pair are reading sunglasses. I use those when I am on the computer or otherwise just reading something. Yes, it is a pain, and there may be a chance that in twenty or thirty years, I could possibly lose half my eyesight. I try to eat a couple of carrots a day. LOL


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