Saturday, November 5, 2016

Acer Computers: The Rip-Off Company

I just got off the phone with an Acer representative. Acer is a computer company. I bought an Acer desktop computer October 2015. In late January of 2016 that computer crashed. I still had about 5 weeks left on the warranty. I contacted Acer customer service and low and behold, they informed me that I would have to pay for shipping to and from their Texas repair location. They also informed me that I would be responsible for at least part of the repair cost and or probably all of the repair costs, depending on "their" diagnosis. It was the most ridiculous "warranty" I had ever heard of. I never had a computer company be so irresponsible with their product warranty in my life.

I remember when my friend and roommate back in 2002 bought a Dell computer. He had a one year warranty. One day, it crashed. He contacted Dell and they sent him a brand new "hard drive" in the mail, overnight! I took out the old hard drive and put the new one in for him and inserted the disks we needed to insert and got his computer back up and running again in a matter of like two days. AT NO COST TO HIM!

Even I had to contact E-Machines one time when my hard drive crashed and they sent me two installation disks (for free) and I was able to restore my computer. I used those disks a few more times over the next few years before I ended up selling that computer when I went to buy a new one.

In fact, just this year alone, I had to send my HP laptop (that I bought to replace my Acer) to be repaired twice! and not once did HP (Hewitt Packard) charge me any money for shipping or anything else.

You see, there some companies out there who appreciate their customers, and some, like Acer, who do not. They are only out to steal your money by offering you a shitty product and slap it with a warranty they never intend to honor. They just want to take as much of your money as they can.

I wonder if they are a scam?

Anyhow, there was no way I was going to pay in upwards of ninety dollars for shipping fees (there and back again) and maybe spend in upwards of one hundred and fifty dollars to maybe as much as three hundred and fifty dollars just to get that shitty computer working again. Hell, I was better off just going out and buying another computer. Which I did. A Hewitt-Packard lappy. I have been happy with my lappy ever since. However, I regret spending the three hundred and fifty dollars in the first place for that shitty Acer computer.

Okay, I was duped. Lesson learned. But in the past six weeks I have received an invitation to "extend" my Acer warranty via US Postal mail service.


With the first invite I turned it over and wrote a response on the other side of it, telling them what happened and how I threw their trashy computer in the garbage where it belonged, and why. I guess they can't read because they sent me another invite to extend my warranty. So I called them. I explained how shitty their product and warranty is and how I will never spend another cent on their shitty products ever again.

I also requested they remove me from whatever mailing list they put me on.

So now I will wait and see if they honor my request, meanwhile, for anyone wondering what computer to buy, you can't go wrong with Dell or an HP - in my opinion - because they have done right by their warranty for their customers from what I have seen and experienced. But as for Acer? Hell to the no. I would strongly advise to not get mixed up with those scam artists. They will NOT honor their warranty and they will screw you over BIG LEAGUE.

Trust me on this. Stay away from Acer. They just want to rip you off, and they will ... if you let them.

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