Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sitcom Review: "2 Broke Girls"

This falls in line with my DVD Reviews segment, but with a twist. Obviously, I am now adding sitcoms into my reviewing. My first review is that of a comedy that you can watch on CBS, and syndicated on TBS, and probably a few other networks.

It stars Kat Dennings, Beth Behrs, Garrett Morris, Jennifer Coolidge, Jonathan Kite, and Matthew Moy.

It's about two girls who work at some little diner while they try and start their own little business of baking / selling cupcakes. One of the girls comes from a wealthy family, and her father got arrested for embezzling or something and she loses her money and goes to work for this diner and .... (Insert yawn here ---> ____)

Let me just get straight to my review. It's not funny. Stale jokes at best. I know when they're coming and I'm always squinting my eyes and saying, "Don't say it, don't say it, don't ... oh, shit, you said it." - And it still isn't funny.

I only tried to watch it about five to seven times, lasting only around ten minutes each time before searching out the remote and turning it to something else.

No one on this show seems to be able to deliver the jokes. The jokes themselves are really bad and expected. I figure only a jobbernowl could watch this show. Bad writing, bad acting, bad directing. If I was given the choice of watching every minute of every episode in season one or eat ten feet of rusted barbed-wire, then grab the BBQ and some water to wash it down.

Hey, I tried to like it. I gave this sitcom more chances than I did 'Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman' from back in the day. It just doesn't cut the mustard for me. (And my mustard is normally easy to cut, too).

In a world where reality shows dominate, and I sorely despise reality shows, I hate to say I would rather watch 'Big Brother' (kill me now) as opposed to trying to watch one more minute of '2 Broke Girls'. 

My rating - 1 1/2 stars (out of ten)

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