Monday, January 4, 2016

2015 Fantasy Football Final Results (ESPN)

It was another good year for me in Fantasy Football as eight of my ten teams made it to the playoffs. Of those eight teams, five moved on to play in their league championship games. Of those five, all of them won their league championship game. This is the first time I had five teams win a championship in the same year. It breaks my four championships in one year set about six years ago.

Last year, despite having nine of my ten teams make the playoffs, and those nine also went on to play in their league championship games, only three teams actually won their championship game. For my first ten years playing Fantasy Football, I was always pretty good in regular season, and first round of playoffs but my win percentage goes from 80% down to about 10% when it comes to winning championship games. I am happy I was able to break that streak / curse this year.

The two teams that failed to make the playoffs this year were, Piketon Red Streaks (6-7) and Columbus Bandits (6-7). The three teams who made the playoffs, but lost in the first round were, Ross County Warriors (8-5), Roswell Aliens (10-3) and Triple X (8-5).

Now for the champions:
Chillicothe Paints (9-4)

Ohio Wildcats (9-3-1)

New Mexico Scorpions (10-3)

Kingston Kings (9-4)

Waverly Thrashers (9-4)

And now it's time to go through my Fantasy Football withdraws.
Looking forward to 2016 season already.
It's gonna be a long winter.
And spring.
And summer.
Never forget that Draft Kings and Fan Duel are NOT REAL FANTASY SPORTS. They are gambling. Thank you.  


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