Tuesday, December 1, 2015

DVD Review: Elf / Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

I wanted to do a couple of Christmas DVD reviews and I wanted to start with a couple of my all time favorites.

Let's start with one that quickly became one of my all time favorites the moment I first saw it. ELF - starring Will Ferrell.
A baby at an orphanage crawls into Santa's toy bag and soon finds himself in the North Pole living with Santa and his elves. He grows up believing he is an elf despite the fact that he is more than twice the size of all the other elves. He was named Buddy (Will Ferrell) when he was first discovered by Santa that fateful Christmas Eve.
Once Buddy discovers he is an orphan, he sets out to find his real father who lives in New York City. He gets hired by his father to work at his publishing company but gets in his fathers way and becomes a problem so his father fires him and Buddy, walks across the street to a toy store and lands himself another job, meets his future wife, and gets into more trouble until Christmas Eve arrives and he goes to rescue Santa Claus who crashed landed in Central Park while distributing presents. The Christmas spirit gets a boost at the end and quite frankly, I just found this movie sweet and funny. It also stars James Caan, Ed Asner, and Bob Newhart. If you have kids and they haven't seen this movie, buy it and let them see it! lol It's awesome.
My rating: I give this two thumbs up and a solid 8.5 stars out of ten stars. You just won't go wrong with this one.
RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER is the ultimate all time classic children's Christmas show. I watched it as a kid and now I own the DVD. I'm pretty sure everyone in America has watched this by now, or at least I hope so because it is FANTASTIC!

Rudolph is enjoying playtime with the other reindeer while playing reindeer games when after receiving a kiss from a doe, he goes off half cocked, flying all over the place when the cover on his nose, which his father placed on him, comes off, revealing his shiny red nose. Told that he can no longer play reindeer games, he is cast aside and rejected. Determined to find his way in life, Rudolph sneaks off one night and runs away. In doing so, he meets up with a runaway elf who also was rejected by his peers because he wanted to be a dentist.

Together they roam the North Pole looking for a place to belong when they run into a prospector. The trio soon finds themselves on the island of misfit toys but ironically, being misfits themselves, they were not allowed to stay on the island, however, they were allowed to spend the night, which because of his nose, Rudolph decides to sneak away when the other two fall asleep because he feared his nose would lead the snow monster to them.

Ultimately, Rudolph saves the day when he rescues his mother, father, and the pretty doe who kissed him at the reindeer games when they went out to search for him - with the help of the elf and the prospector. Then he goes on to lead Santa's sleigh. Come on, you know how the story goes.

My rating? ... A PERFECT TEN !!!!!

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