Friday, November 27, 2015

Carroll's Journey: Life Is Good

How good can things get? Well, if you're me, pretty damn good sometimes. Everything is rocking and I am about as happy as a song being sung around the world. There's nothing to complain about. If you ask me, I am having way too much fun and definitely have way too much time on my hands (As always).

I had quite the awesome Thanksgiving. I spent it alone. And what a great time I had! lol Seriously, it's been quite some time since I ever spent a Thanksgiving by myself. Maybe never. But let me tell you, it is everything it was expected to be and then some. I cooked my own food, and had no line to wait in when it came time to eat. Everything was cooked to my perfection / liking. I watched football, football and more football. Watched some internet porn. (Never did that before on Thanksgiving.) Ha-ha. Had some weather stripping put on my door so I took care of that little problem for the upcoming winter. Had no traffic to deal with. Took a couple of naps. :)

So why post about this? I don't know. I suppose I wanted to share it in hopes that I wasn't the only one who had a great Thanksgiving. I didn't have to deal with family drama. That's always a plus. And now I am wondering if it could be so great if I spend Christmas alone too. I already know my New Years Eve will be rocking. I have some people coming over to play some strip poker. That will be interesting ... and no, I am not going to post about that so, no pictures request. lol

I just have such an amazing life right now. I am so very lucky in so many ways. I just wanted to assure myself that I truly do appreciate this gift of mine. I really do also hope all of you are having a wonderful time while you're here on this planet. Not so much the bad people, like internet bullies, criminals and such. I hope those people are having a miserable time. But to all of you good, hard working, dedicated people, I hope you are enjoying your life as I am. It's just a great life. I really do not know what more I could ever wish for. Maybe for a soul-mate but you know, that's optional for me.

I dedicate this song to me.

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