Friday, September 25, 2015

Secrets Of My Songs #11 (Hands Of Mercy)

"Hands Of Mercy" is my 9-11 song before 9-11. It was a response to the first World Trade Center attack. Shortly after that first attack, I began looking into these terrorists and this Osama Bin Laden guy and I came away with the understanding that there would be another attempt to take the World Trade Centers down, only next time they would try from the air or with a missile. As it turned out, they used hijacked airplanes and my premonition of a second attack came true. It was shortly after that second attack on 9-11 when I went into the studio and recorded "Hands Of Mercy". It's my personal reminder that sometimes, my writing is more than just for entertainment or expressing of feelings and stuff, it's also something more. Another reason I like this song a lot is that it is one of those songs where all four of us, (Preston, Mark, and Kent Robbins on lead guitar) get involved with my musical project. That's always a plus.


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