Thursday, June 26, 2014

Love Is The Key

Big things come in small packages. Like on Valentine's Day ladies when you wait anxiously by the mailbox for your gift from your number one guy. He mentioned something special that he knows you been waiting for all these years of dating, and now it would seem he wants to take that next step. This makes you so excited. You know what you want, and it's about time the bastard figured it out. You certainly dropped enough hints. You told him once that your favorite song was "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash. You told him when you were a little girl, you loved playing "Ring Around The Rosey". And you definitely told him your favorite scary movie of all time is "The Ring!" (Are you listening boyfriend?) Then he appears, the mailman. He's walking towards you. He is carrying a package. You're about to pee your pants. He hands you the box. You take it in a swoop and race back inside the house and plop on the couch, ripping the package open. And then you see it. It's a key on a chain - and a message on a card that reads: "Hey sweetie, happy Valentine's Day. Here is a key to my apartment. Now you don't have to knock or wait for me to get home. Love you." - Charlie.

Yeah, love is kind of like that. Only better. 

Not to worry ladies, I'm sure you've grown used to your guy and those "small packages", aye?

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