Sunday, May 18, 2014

Carroll Bryant Donates Chance To have It All

Hey everyone, just wanted to remind you all that during the year of 2014 I shall be donating a dollar from every book I sell this year to the Chance To Have It All Foundation.

"Chance To Have It All" is a radio show on KCLA FM 99.3 FM Los Angeles, California that gives aspiring singers / songwriters an opportunity to be heard nationally on the radio and proceeds go to helping Native Americans with medical expenses who fall between the cracks of the system. This includes women and children. So show your support by either going to the "Chance To Have It All" Foundation (founded by singer / musician Pat Vegas of the 70's hit group, "Redbone" and radio personality, Acela Bella) and directly donate what you can, or buy a Carroll Bryant book and know that one dollar of that sale will go to the "Chance To Have It All" foundation. So, if you were thinking about buying one of my books online, now would be a good time. Not only will you "hopefully" enjoy a story, but you'll be helping out those in need as well.

Thank you for your support. 

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