Thursday, September 12, 2013

Carroll's Journal: Working Hard

It's been a busy past four weeks around here lately, and it appears as if it's going to get a lot busier too. On Tuesday, September 10th, I went to my first pro soccer game. I got to watch USA defeat Mexico by the score of 2-0. The stadium was packed. I didn't realize how much Columbus, Ohio liked soccer. That or they're just starving for some sports entertainment. Yeah, sure we have the Bluejackets hockey team, but that's not saying much, I mean, it's the NHL for crying out loud. And yes, we have a triple A minor league baseball team and a professional soccer team but, you know, so is the way of a Cowtown I guess.

But it was fun. It got really rowdy after the game, or so I heard, which is why I decided to leave a little early. Mostly to avoid the traffic jams. It's not like the Buckeyes won the national championship in college football or anything. (That comes later.) LOL

Go Buckeyes! 

Speaking of which, how did we go from starting the season ranked number 2 in the nation, win our first two games convincingly and drop to number 4 in the polls? ..... I don't get it. Especially when you consider we have two new starting defensive tackles, our top three running-backs were suspended the first game, our back up running-back played a little in the second game and our starter at that position is still suspended. Our back up quarterback played most of the second game. We are winning with our backups at the skill positions. 

Still not getting it. We should be ranked number 1. 

I went to the soccer game with my new friend Sherry. She works at a radio station and invited me to attend the soccer game with her. So it cost yours truly nothing. Except for the ten dollar beers. Ha ha 

She's an amazing girl actually. She works hard for the money. She loves her job. She's 27 years old and we have a pretty good time when we get together, which isn't often really because she works such long hours sometimes. She's going to talk to her station manager about having me come in one morning and be a special guest for the morning show. The "Zoo Crew" or whatever it is they call themselves. It would be a chance for me to talk about my books and songs and perhaps get to play a few of them on the air. That would be pretty cool I reckon. It's still in the talking stages and I have to wait and see what her program/station manager has to say about it. It's still exciting nonetheless.

Speaking of books and songs, I go back to the studio on the 22nd of September to wrap up a couple of new songs. Actually, it's one song with two versions. I wrote it as a slow love song but my producer wanted to liven it up a bit and it sounded pretty good. I still wanted to do it slow too so we decided to record both versions. Can't wait to get the vocals done and get it mixed then load them up on Youtube. I'll probably upload the uptempo version first, then at the end of the year or the beginning of the new year, upload the slow version. I also hope to have at least one more song done before the end of 2013, maybe two more songs if I can squeeze it in. 

I also have my new cover for my next book just about done. I was planning on releasing my new book around February of 2014 but am now considering an earlier release date. Maybe as early as December. 

Fun, fun, fun. 

So it's working on the book, going to the studio, maybe make an appearance on a morning radio show, and about a half dozen birthdays to go to between now and the end of October and, after going to this soccer game, I am probably going to get to go a Buckeye game this year and I'm thinking about going to a Bengals game and or a Dallas Cowboys game as a trip to Texas may be on the horizon. Then it will be time for Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years celebration ..... a lot going on. 

What's that? What happened to Jenny? ... Oh, she's still around. She's moving back to Missouri at the end of the year so she and I have cooled off. We're still friends so everything is fine. Well, except she's still kind of mad at me for something but we needn't get into that here. LOL Girls are always mad at me about something. Such is the fate of being a single man that is stubborn to the bone. 


Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I have a gang of crickets camped outside my bedroom window of late. I can't recall them ever gathering there before. They refuse to shut up!

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