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Three generations of girls (mother, daughter, granddaughter) clash in a romantic comedy during the summer of 2003 on an old hippy commune that jumps back to life after a fourth of July reunion.
When 15 yr old, New York born and bred, Sally Williams, gets stuck for the summer on her grandparents (Wesley Morris, Jennifer Kapshaw) old hippy commune in Beddington, Maine, all heck breaks loose. Things take an interesting turn when Sally meets local town hunk, Josh Terwilliger, then decides to throw her grandparents a surprise 4th of July party by inviting some of their old friends back to the place they called home during the mid 60’s and 70’s. Things really get out of control when more show up than expected. Insanity creeps in when they decide to take one last ride across the country to California, stopping along the way to visit the old communes of the past, only to discover, it’s not what it used to be. A trip that almost didn’t get to happen when Sally’s mother, Christine Williams, shows up early from her job assignment. Resenting her upbringing, Christine comes full circle with who she is while her daughter comes of age, and Jennifer teaches them both that “you can’t trick fate.”

Their friendship doesn’t stand a chance. Their love will never die. (Inspired by the Mary Kay Letourneau story and the hit song “Last Flight Out” by the musical group, PLUS ONE) Kavita Davidson and Lily McCourtney test the limits of society’s tolerance with a forbidden romance shunned by the mainstream while breaking all the rules. With his career on the rise, Kavita risks everything to be with her. With a bleak future before her, Lily seeks desperately for someone to believe in. Together, they dare to try and defy the odds - leaving the rest of us to ask, is Kavita the monster the world tells him he is? Or is he the hero Lily has been praying for? And when it all comes crashing down, can either of them survive the aftermath? True love DOES exist!  

Haunted by dreams of a childhood friend, long thought to be dead, Zenakis Vinzant starts to lose control of what used to be a pretty good life. Caught between two relationships, he struggles desperately to find the meaning of everything around him. But these dreams, they won’t let him be. What are they trying to tell him? Where will they lead? And why does the F.B.I. want to talk to him? When the universe comes calling, it is best to just roll with the punches. Ultimately, his new discoveries will change forever how he thinks about Earth, humans …. And them!

Finally, the truth is revealed in a most dramatic manner, and with it, an invitation he can’t refuse, but first, he must beat the clock to save the day.

If you had the chance to leave everything and everyone you know behind - could you? Would you? Will Zenakis? Find out the answer in this epic sci-fi adventure that beckons, life is just a fantasy, can you live this fantasy life? 

An American detective, Lancaster Parks, searching for a serial killer of American tourists in San Felipe, Mexico, a town buried in secrets, and ghosts. A corrupt police chief, Hernando Felix, clouded in more mystery than the town he serves. And her, the cat of Mexico, the beautiful girl whose name changes on a daily basis.

When American detective, Lancaster Parks, is sent by the U.S. State Department to investigate a string of serial killings committed against American male tourists in Mexico, he gets more than he ever bargained for. He quickly realizes he is in way over his head. Dealing with the corruption of local law enforcement, he also has to battle his conflicting emotions with a mysterious woman who shows up out of nowhere to seduce him. When all the evidence of the killings points to the chief, he wonders if he will even come out of this thing alive. He also wonders what mystery he will solve first, that of the woman, that of the corrupt chief of police, or the buried secrets of the past in a town lost in time. When you want a job done right, you send in the best, but even the best can have a bad day. Shadows are hard to capture in this elusive story of suspense, intrigue and erotic romance.

You can sample chapters here:

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Children Of The Flower Power - CHAPTER EIGHT


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