Friday, November 10, 2017

Democrats Versus Pedophiles

So, recently I posted a tweet on Twitter that said "I would rather vote for a pedophile over a democrat." And the whole liberal Twitter world lit themselves on fire. lol I mean, I am talking over a thousand responses under 30 minutes and I think they are still responding. lol

The whole premise of my remark was in the context of "if I had to choose between one or the other" for public office then I would choose the pedophile over the socialist because there should never be a socialist holding public office in a free country like America. America is home of the free and not home of the socialist. And pretty much, the only things I hate in life are socialists, communists, terrorists, and fascists. You get the picture.

Now, all of these nut jobs on the left are having mental breakdowns and of course, spreading the lie that I am a republican and represent the GOP. I am not a republican and I do not represent the GOP.


I can't be a republican because I do not believe in god. I can't be a democrat because I am not a POS socialist. So, all I can be is an Independent. Actually, I also subscribe to the "Ancient Alien" theory, too.

Some of these left wing nut-jobs are also saying that I support child molestation. This is not true, and I never did say that. All I said was that if I had to choose between a pedophile or a democrat / socialist, that I would vote for the pedophile.

It doesn't mean I support child molestation nor that I even support pedophiles. If you give me a choice between voting for a murderer and a democrat then I would vote for the murderer. Anything is better than voting for a socialist. I would never, ever, under any circumstance, vote for a democrat. PERIOD!

But the "pedophile" in question here hasn't even been charged with any crime, much less convicted so, it's probably not even correct to call him a pedophile. Yet.

Of course, we are talking about Alabama senator Roy Moore. And my point was / is simple: If I have to choose one or the other, Moore or a democrat, then I would vote for Moore because anything and anyone is better than a democrat. (Because democrats are socialists.) And I refuse to vote for socialists. (Bill Clinton was the last socialist I ever voted for .... and so far, as my knowledge, the only rapist I ever voted for.)

Anyhow, now these butt-wipe liberals are calling for my Twitter account to be deleted. And that I should be ashamed of myself. Yeah, like I am going to take etiquette lessons from a dirty, filthy socialist. lol

I am not surprised though. This is how we have come to expect democrats to behave. They have a built-in "bully" gene that allows them to attack people at will on the internet. They also carry a "hate" gene that scientists have yet to explain. Their hypocrisy is unmatched. But that is the way of socialists. It's very well documented throughout our history.

Their lies are constant, and their evil is only equal to that of an ISIS terrorist or pretty much any terrorist really. In fact, I have mentioned in an earlier post that it is my belief that democrats are the ISIS of America. They are terrorists. My being attacked by them on Twitter is just another one of those pieces of evidence that proves that they are. The fact that they claim I am a republican and that I said I supported pedophiles is also proof of their evil ways.

I was molested by a female babysitter at age 9. I know what it feels like to go through that. But I choose to not let it define me, nor have I ever allowed it to make me a victim. I accepted it and moved on. But the liberals want people to feel like victims. If you been molested and don't feel like a victim then something must be wrong with you. Well, nothing is wrong with me. I am fine.

More importantly, the best thing about me that I can say is, I am not a socialist. I am an Independent voter that refuses to accept socialism. Maybe that's why the left is so pissed. Because the great Carroll Bryant refuses to buy into their lies, hate, violence, and stupidity. Then again, anyone who refuses their evil philosophy is classified as "Conservative" I guess. It would make sense. Democrats are not intelligent enough to understand that not everyone embraces their crap. Some of us actually do have high moral standards, and one of those standards is not to lie. But not siding with democrats doesn't make one "conservative".

I think pedophiles, murderers, rapists, women beaters, gay and lesbian bashers, are disgusting and repulsive people. But all of them are much better than a socialist. Than a democrat. And if the only choices you are going to give me to vote for public office in America is between a republican accused of being a pedophile, and not yet charged or convicted of said crime, and a democrat ..... then I choose the accused pedophile. Anything and everything is better than electing a socialist into public office in America.

Maybe a socialist politician is fine for the UK or Australia, or someplace in Europe or something, but a socialist politician in office in the U.S.A. just doesn't make any sense to me.

So, no, I do not support pedophiles, but if I have to pick between a pedophile and a socialist, then yeah, I would pick the pedophile. They are less disgusting than a democrat.

Now you liberals may nurse your butt-hurt whine. lol


  1. You are gutter trash. I'm not liberal. Something tells me you might have some skeletons in your closet.

    1. Something tells me you have some skeletons, too.

      Have you any candy in the pockets of those "awesome pants". lol I guess I would have to be a kid to know the answer to that, wouldn't I? lol

      Hey, wait a minute! Is this you, Bill? LMAO

  2. So socialists shouldn't serve in public office, but pedophiles should have that freedom. You are sick and BTW, the military, FEMA, the roads and bridges that you drive on, and many other "perks" of living in the US are socialistic perks.

    1. I never said pedophiles should be allowed to serve in public office, and no, i don't they should, but Roy Moore hasn't yet been convicted of pedophilia yet, has he? Much less, charged?

      But still, I never endorsed pedophiles, I was merely saying that if I had to vote between the two, i would vote for the pedophile because socialists are more disgusting to me. But in truth, and in reality, I think both should be banned from serving in public office. But again, senator Moore has not been convicted in a court of law. And democrats can not be trusted. (Thanks CNN, MSNBC)

      Of course all governments have a "socialist" foundation to them, even America, but we have to put limits to it, and democrats want 100% socialism. That is what I am against. And having watched the democrats descend in their morality over the past fifteen years, I have placed them right below the pedophiles on my scum list. They reside with communists, terrorists and fascists. The worst of the worst.

  3. Well, I'm not going to "butt-hurt whine." I'm just going to feel sad that you actually think a person who abuses a child is better than someone whose only fault is they have a different political opinion than you. I would think being against the abuse of children is something that could unite us. Guess I'm wrong.

    1. I have never said I endorse child abuse. And it's not that I think anyone with a different political view than me is less than a pedophile. I said that a socialist is less than a pedophile to me. And I strongly believe that. Because it's true. I have seen countries run by socialism ideology. It's not the least bit pretty, I can assure you. But I disagree with plenty of people and have no problems. But if you knew what I knew about socialism and socialists, you would agree with me that they are slightly below the scum level of pedophiles, murderers and the like.

      So, Jimmy, you're not wrong. I agree with you that child abusers are horrible. But socialists are indeed, worse. And yes, if I have to choose one or the other, a pedo or a socialist, to vote into public office, and those are my only choices and I can't choose "none", then I would vote for the pedophile. I would rather not vote for either, but if I had to pick one, then that's what I would pick.

      I would think I could have that opinion and not be called a pedophile or supporter of pedophiles, and we could all unite against socialism but, like you, I guess I was wrong.

  4. Roy Cohn (chief counsel to Senator Joe McCarthy and later a mentor to Donald Trump) reportedly claimed that he wasn't a homosexual -- he was a heterosexual who slept with men.

    You claim you're not a Republican -- you just vote for Republicans every time.

    You are what you do. You're a Republican.

    1. I voted four times in my life. 1) Reagan. 2) Perot. 3) Bill Clinton. 4) Trump.

      I have never been listed as anything else other than independent. I voted my conscience every time except for Reagan. (It was the first time I was allowed to vote and I voted for whom my mother voted for because I wasn't educated enough at the time to really care.)

      I have always leaned left though because back when I turned 18, democrats were actually kind of cool. They have changed completely since then, and mostly over the past 15 years.

      But why tell you? Obviously, you already know me.

    2. I stand corrected. You mouth off about politics but barely participate. That's probably just as well for the rest of us.

    3. @Steve M.

      The reason I hardly voted is because both sides offered nothing for me to vote for. I do not simply vote for the sake of voting. That would be stupid. If I can't stand behind the person I vote for then I won't vote. That's what actually makes me an independent. I don't drink the kool-aide of any party. I don't vote for someone just because my party tells me too, like you, puppet-boy.

      But the past has no basis for the here and now. Now, I am informed, and I made my choice, Trump over a socialist criminal.

  5. You base your entire argument on your "fact" that all Democrats are "socialists". This is a false premise, and you are seriously misinformed about socialism ( small s intended ). Do you have any idea what socialism means? Despite your protestations, we have all kinds of social programs ( e.g. socialism ) ... roads/highways, fire departments, infrastructure, Medicare, Social Security, to name a few. I doubt that you would endorse getting rid of government funded schools, post offices, police departments, etc. ( But then again, perhaps you are a Libertarian, and not an Independent ).

    Good for you for not letting your experience ruin your life. I was raped in college, and sexually harassed extensively in my professional life. I didn't let it ruin my life, either. But that doesn't mean I think any of those activities are okay, even if they get aired years later. I don't want my daughter -- or your daughter or son --- have to go through something like this.

    If my rapist, who is now a lawyer in Texas, decided to run for office, I would definitely make sure everyone knows that fact.

    Also, my brother is a convicted pedophile and incest perpetrator. I am very personally involved in the horrors of his 16 years crimes against my beautiful niece. She was unable to tell anyone about it for 18 years --- until she was removed from the environment. Does that mean her experience and her willing to come forward is "whining"? ( By the way, her family is conservative Christian, Republican).

    Sorry you are so turned off by liberals. We are actually very nice people, as I am sure you are. But please examine your prejudice toward a group of people who believe that taking care of our friends and neighbors is a good thing.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    1. Very well put Kathryn. I agree on all your points.

    2. I served in the military, two branches, and I have been to countries where socialist ideology was in place. I have seen the horrors of it. What it does to people, and the economy. My belief does not indicate that all democrats, liberals are socialists, but all democrats and liberals support socialism by being democrats and liberals because the democrat party is now a socialist party.

      I say this because democrats have shown that they do not believe in free speech. I have seen them shut down countless speakers just because they do not share the same views as democrats.

      That is socialism. As is trying to disarm Americans. If the democrats had their way, they would get rid of the first two amendments.

      Democrats want universal healthcare. That's a socialist ideology that can't work in America. It might work else-where, but perhaps else-where is a socialist country where the citizens are okay with it, but America is not a socialist country (yet) but if democrats have their way, we will be.

      I think pedophiles, rapists, cold-blooded murderers, women beaters, child beaters, they all should not go to jail, but given the death penalty. These kind of people cannot be reformed. I don't think they can be. We are all wired the way we are wired and I don't believe we can change that. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. Evil is evil and can't be turned. At least, not enough anyway.

      But as horrible and disgusting that I find these types of people, socialists, communists, terrorists, and fascists are the worst of the worst. And as I have watched the democratic party become what they have become, I shudder at the thought of them being in public office in America.

      When I say democrats are socialists, it is based on my opinion from watching them riot in the streets. It's Antifa, and the violence I see democrats engaging in. The hate speech I hear from Hollywood, and the like. The hate I hear being spilled from TV show personalities. (Colbert, and the like)

      But if you ask democrats, they say all republicans are racists, sexists, and so on, and that's not true, but they say it. How is that different than me assuming, believing that all democrats are socialists? There is no difference.

      I have seen socialism up close. I know what it is. And it looks exactly like the democratic party right now.

      Sorry to hear of your past. I'm sure there are some nice democrats out there. Even my best friend is a democrat, and gay, so how he and I get along is anybody's guess, but I am a lot more accepting of people than anyone thinks. But right now, the democratic party is a socialist party. That's just a fact. And if anyone thinks they can convince me that democrats care about life when they allow needless abortions, well, excuse me if I am skeptical about their position.

    3. Antifa, by the way, originated to fight the Nazis.

      I'd take Antifa over a Nazi any day of the week, and twice on Sunday.

      It says a lot about your character that you wouldn't.

    4. Oh Lydia, I wouldn't take either. But the "Antifa" of today is not the "Antifa" that fought the Nazis. They have become the Nazis.

      It speaks a lot of your character that you didn't know that.

  6. Your dumb as shit, I bet you don't even know what a Socialist is, die you fucking shithead!

    1. Is this what you say to your wife and kid when you're beating them with your black leather belt, Jon? lol

    2. So, when your wife and kid accuse a male in power of sexual assault and child molestation, without having any evidence but their word, who will you choose to believe? Your wife and your kid? Or the man they accuse of abusing them?

      Because according to you, the person your wife and kid have accused of sexual assault and child molestation is innocent until proven guilty.

    3. I'm glad you brought this up. Follow me closely.

      I would KNOW my wife and kid enough to make the decision to believe them or not. I DO NOT KNOW ANY OF THE GIRLS ACCUSING SENATOR, ROY MOORE, NOR DO I KNOW SENATOR ROY MOORE to be able to say who is truthful and who is not. AND THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE.

      Which is probably why we have a justice system in the first place. I just wish more people would understand that concept.

      Do you see me attacking Harvey? Or Bill Cosby? .... No. Because I don't know their accusers or them, either. I will leave it up to the courts.

      I hope my response has been helpful.

  7. You are truly out of your mind to advocate that in any situation, ever, that it would be ok for a pedophile to exist anywhere in our society except jail. To try and explain this away by saying it was only in a political context, makes me wonder what else you think is ok to do to kids, or maybe you are a pedophile yourself you disgusting human being? If you think the responses are because people are democrats vs people who understand that pedophilia is one of the worst crimes there are, just makes it worse. Rapists are better, pedophiles are better, all these disgusting behaviors are better than which side of the political fence someone sits on? What the ever-loving fuck is wrong with you?

    Oh, and when people are helped by FEMA after fires or floods, or you drive down that road today or across a bridge to do your food shopping, or a disabled person receives their disability check, or an elderly person you know receives their Social Security check, or you have or know a kid that goes to public school... enjoy your socialism!!

    1. I never advocated for pedophiles nor did I endorse child abuse. I don't think pedophiles should be in jail, I think they should be put to death. (But so far, senator Roy Moore hasn't been convicted, much less charged yet with a crime.) All we have are some girls making claims that may or may not be true. But I never once advocated for pedophiles or endorsed child abuse.

      I was showcasing how little I think of democrats / socialists. In the barrel of human scum, democrats sit below pedophiles, murderers, rapists, and such. And that if I have to choose between two pieces of scum, a pedo and a democrat, for public office, then I would vote for the pedophile because they are slightly less disgusting than socialists.

      I have no idea what the fuck you are saying at the end part of your comment. What does FEMA have to do with anything? I think your meds expired at that point. It's a complete and total mess. And how can I enjoy my socialism? I'm not a democrat. lol

      Seriously, get back on your meds. Enjoy your craziness. lol I bet you own a lot of cats.

    2. Please look up the word vote in the dictionary.

      To vote for something is to show support for something.

      To vote for something is to advocate for something.

      To vote for something is to endorse something.

      When you vote for a pedophile over a Democrat, you are putting a pedophile into office.

      Your mind is warped if you truly believe Democrats sit below pedophiles, murderers, and rapists.... while still choosing to vote for a pedophile, a murderer, or a rapist.

      What, you'd like to see all Democrats kicked out of the country? Carted off to a political prison? Banned from voting?

      If you are advocating for that, you are not advocating for a Democracy.

      You are advocating for a government that only rewards the people whose beliefs you support.

      And that's not what we have here in America.

      That's not what our founding fathers fought for.

      You fundamentally misunderstand the Constitution.

    3. All of what you said, Lydia, is correct. except you're not listening to to the question. "If all i had to choose between was a pedophile or a socialist for public office, and I HAD to choose one, then I would vote for the pedophile because both choices are disgusting, but I will vote for the least disgusting option.

      So, you're asking me which I would endorse between a pedophile and a socialist, I would endorse the pedophile because socialists are more disgusting to me than pedophiles.

      But to answer another of your questions, yes, I would be fine if America banned socialists from our country. Let's get rid of pedophiles, rapists, racists, women / child beaters, murderers, too. And drug dealers!

      Now, if there are really any democrats who are not socialists, then they can stay. I would have no problem with that. But I do have a problem with socialists, communists, terrorists, and fascists.

      I understand the constitution just fine. I also understand that democrats want to get rid of the first two amendments.

    4. Banning socialists from the country is not advocating for a Democracy.

      And by banning socialists from the country, you yourself don't understand the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.

      And, again--- you don't want to get rid of pedophiles and murderer's, Carroll---

      You'd much rather vote them into office.

    5. At the end of the day, Carroll, if you had to choose, you would still endorse the pedophile.

      And by calling for political parties you don't believe in to be banned form the country, you fundamentally misunderstand the Constitution.

      Fortunately, it is not up to you to decide who gets to stay and who gets to leave the country.

      Dictatorships have that. Not free countries.

    6. I do not endorse any pedophiles. Nor do I endorse any socialists.

      I would not ban political parties, but I would ban socialists, communists, terrorists and fascists. They are not "political" parties, they are criminals and evil. They rape, murder, and kill at will.

      Fortunately, it is not up to me to decide who can stay and who gets to leave the country.

      So, i am a "dictator" for not wanting a "dictatorship" in a country that promotes itself as a free country?

      That makes absolutely no sense at all. Yep, you're a democrat. lol


    7. Lydia Ruth November 10, 2017 at 12:37 PM

      Banning socialists from the country is not advocating for a Democracy.

      And by banning socialists from the country, you yourself don't understand the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.

      And, again--- you don't want to get rid of pedophiles and murderer's, Carroll---

      You'd much rather vote them into office.


      Again, socialism is not a "political" party. Socialism is evil. Just like communists, terrorists and fascists. Just like the Nazis. So are you saying you would be okay if Nazis were elected into office? Sounds like it to me.

      Lydia, i have already stated that I think our worst criminals should all get the death penalty. This includes pedophiles. Because I don't think pedophiles can change their ways, just like the evil socialists.

      And I never said I would rather vote them into office, i said, for the last time, if I had to choose between a pedophile and a socialist, i would vote for the lesser of two evils, the pedophile.

      You know what I mean, but now I see you're just being a bitch. You're trying to "catch me" in something or get a "gotcha" moment, so you will no longer be allowed to comment on this blog. I have answered all of your questions and explained things in plain English, but you are either not intelligent enough to understand the written word, or you're being a bitch. Either way, BUH-BYE.

  8. "I was molested by a female babysitter at age 9. I know what it feels like to go through that. But I choose to not let it define me, nor have I ever allowed it to make me a victim. I accepted it and moved on. But the liberals want people to feel like victims. If you been molested and don't feel like a victim then something must be wrong with you. Well, nothing is wrong with me. I am fine."

    Your thinking is severely disturbed. "The liberals" in not wanting a pedophile in office are not advocating that people feel like victims. They are saying a person who sexually assaults children shouldn't be in office. You don't have to feel victimized by your molester in order to not want him/her to be in Congress.

    "More importantly, the best thing about me that I can say is, I am not a socialist. I am an Independent voter that refuses to accept socialism. Maybe that's why the left is so pissed. Because the great Carroll Bryant refuses to buy into their lies, hate, violence, and stupidity. Then again, anyone who refuses their evil philosophy is classified as "Conservative" I guess. It would make sense. Democrats are not intelligent enough to understand that not everyone embraces their crap. Some of us actually do have high moral standards, and one of those standards is not to lie. But not siding with democrats doesn't make one "conservative"."

    Also, you seem incapable of defining a "liberal" as anything but a socialist. The people "getting mad" have no idea you think they are socialists so your presumption that "what makes them angry" is you not buying into what you perceive as a socialist agenda is wrong. You also seem to think that only "liberals" are responding to you. Many many people who consider themselves conservatives and even voted for Trump have come out against Moore in the past few days. They are responding to you as well. By framing people responding to you as members of a group you despise, of course you are gleeful that they disagree with you. But, the reality is that people across the political spectrum disagree with you. And they disagree with you because you put common human decency below politics.

    Your post at defending your point is really just a lot of poorly strung together rationalizations you use to validate your world view. Good luck with that.

    1. Last time I checked, people are innocent until proven guilty. Has senator, Roy Moore, been convicted of pedophilia? Charged?

      Democrats, liberals, they are socialists. There are even socialists within the GOP, but they are far right. Still, many have twisted the meaning of my words. I do not endorse child abuse, I am showcasing how little I think of democrats. That as disgusting as pedo's are, dems are more disgusting to me. They have lost all sense of political direction. Socialism is not the way.

      Next time, try using a real name. I will not accept many anonymous comments because if you can't stand behind your comment, then you are not a real person to me. So many comments will not get published.

  9. I'm curious to know your reasons for. your extreme hatred toward socialism

    1. With socialism, choices are removed. The government decides what is best for you and your family. The government decides what you eat, drink, wear, and what you believe.

      For more reasons, just Google Venezuela, North Korea, or Russia. Ask the people there to tell you how they like socialism.

      The reason so many want to come to America is to taste the breath of freedom.

      Oh, and while in the military, I have seen firsthand how socialism behaves when visiting other countries. I seen the helplessness of the people, and their economic plight, on their faces. I wouldn't wish that kind of life on anyone.

  10. Democrats are not socialists, just fyi.
    Kind of messes up your entire premise, you not knowing this.

    1. I respect your right to not agree with me, but when I see democrats on college campuses shutting down speeches of those they oppose, then i see an assault on free speech. That's socialism.

      When I see / hear news media outlets reporting stories that are fake and embellishing real stories to fit a political narrative, then I see socialism.

      Maybe to you that is not socialism because maybe you're a socialist and trying to defend it. That's cool.

      But what I see and hear from the left, and when the leaders of the democrat party do not speak out against certain actions, then I assume they condone it, thus, condoning socialism. Because an assault on the first and second amendments (or any of them) is assault on freedom.

      Universal healthcare is a socialist ideology.

      When democrats push to take away more and more of my choices, then yes, that is socialism. And I know there is some socialists on the right, the far right, but the middle of the road republicans are more reasonable. There used to be a middle of the road for democrats, too, but not anymore. The whole entire party is swinging to the far left. The far left and far right used to be for the nut-jobs. But now the whole democratic party is going nuts.

      This post is a good example of that. This post has brought out many nut jobs. lol Not that you are, there are a few who are trying to seemingly understand, but still, this post is filled with the crazies. lol

      But I respect your opinion. If you don't see it then you don't see it. It just so happens that I see it.

  11. My wife was a victim of sexual assault at the age of 12. She is still dealing with the aftermath almost 40 years later. Issues with trust, self-esteem, blame the works.

    Between 2009 and 2017 there was a Democrat in the White House. From all indications no one in that White House sexually assaulted any one and I am pretty sure your rights weren't violated. Quite obviously you are still alive and your freedom of speech is still intact.

    Your comment was not only the most insensitive comment that I have ever heard, marginalizing the pain of millions, but at the same time the stupidest comment I have ever heard.

    1. Sorry to hear about your wife.

      Maybe I still have my first amendments rights, but for how long? Obviously, the democrats are working on trying to take that away. This onslaught of bullying is evidence of that.

      we still do not have anyone in the White House that has sexually assaulted anyone. I hope we never do. (Although I heard things about Bill Clinton)

      I didn't marginalize anyone's pain. I was molested at age 9. All I said was that of the two evils, pedophiles and socialists, I would choose to vote in a pedophile over the socialist because it is the less of those two evils. That's just my opinion.

      What is stupid is voting for a socialist. Again, just my opinion.

  12. I am an independent. I vote for the candidate that best represents my interests. To say that all Democrats are socialists and therefore evil - worse than any pedophile, shows a stunning lack of intelligence on your part. Even as a joke, your tweet was beyond reprehensible and you truly owe everyone an apology for your appalling lack of judgement (and, obviously, a soul). May God protect you from the avalanche you are about to experience.

    1. Yes, Sue, you and your friends bring me your hate. All of it. You don't like my opinion so you and your friends are going to bully me with your hate. I love it!

      Oh, BTW, there is no god. Didn't you get the memo?

  13. You're a terrible person.

    1. So are you. But you more than me.

      Many years back, my little sister went on vacation with her parents and she took her best friend with her. They stayed at one of my brothers three houses. Upon their return, my little sister's friend told me that my brother made some moves on her and propositioned her for sex in a tool shed in his back yard.

      I confronted my brother about it and long story short, that was the night his and mine relationship was over. I then informed the girl's parents in so they could decide what to do, press charges or not. Because of this, my parents got angry with me and eventually, because I did the right thing, lost all my relationships with my siblings and parents.

      My brother was the "big cheese" back in the day. The golden boy. And because I stood up to him for hitting on a 13 year old girl, I lost my family.

      He did end up going to prison for something else so, he's not the big cheese anymore that he once was. I even predicted it because I know my brother.

      But if losing my family for defending a 13 year old girl against my pervert brother makes me a terrible person, then so be it. I'm happy to be a terrible person.

    2. I did try to help her you dumb bitch. She came to me for help and I did what I could. I confronted my brother and then informed the girl's parents so they could decide how to pursue.

      The girl came to me after they returned from vacation. My brother lives over a thousand miles away. What more could I have done? ..... Nothing.

      It was my parents that got mad at me for confronting my brother and telling the girl's parents.

      I never contacted police because that is a decision the girl's parents had to make for themselves. And FYI dumb-ass, the girl was not physically "assaulted", he only asked her for sex and said inappropriate things. Back in that day, I'm not even sure the police could have done anything. But i did all i could do. And because of that, I lost my family so GO FUCK YOURSELF WHORE!

      You're just a POS internet bully democrat socialist who thinks her shit doesn't stink.



      Oh, and no more comments for you. lol

  14. Respectfully, how is saying "Pedophiles ONLY screw kids" not condoning pedophilia. My name is sandra faulkenberry and my abuser was ONLY teaching me how to perform blowjobs at age 5 (sort of a public service you might say).

    1. How is it condoning pedophilia? It's actually a true statement, is it not? Do pedophiles have sex with kids? Yes. So the statement that pedophiles screw kids is actually a statement of fact, and not condoning the sick act.

      Also a TRUE FACT IS, "SOCIALISTS SCREW EVERYONE." That's also a true fact. Just look at Venezuela for an example.

      Sorry to hear of your past. That man is sick. I had a female babysitter molest me at 9, but I moved on from it. I hope you can too someday.

      But I never said I condone child abuse, I just said that if I had to choose between a pedophile and a socialist to vote into office, one or the other, that I would vote in the pedophile because that would be the lesser of two evils. They are both evil, and in truth, if I didn't have to vote for either of them, I wouldn't, but if I HAD to pick one or the other, I'd pick the pedo. That's how little I think of socialists. It is not an endorsement of child abuse.

      Sorry you don't understand.

  15. Why is Socialism okay in the UK or Australia if it's worse than pedophilia?

    1. I never said it was okay anywhere, but then again, I don't live in UK or Australia. But if that's what the people of those countries want, then good for them. It's just not a good fit for America. I hope for their sakes they don't turn into Venezuela.

      Regardless, I just happen to believe that a socialist is worse than a pedophile. But truth is, they are both evil. I condemn both.

      But me picking pedophile over socialist is just me choosing what I believe to be the lesser of two evils. But again, make no mistake, they are both evil.

  16. Except the GOP won't even put him on trial for pedophilia. And you HAVE SAID you would still vote him into office, even if charged with the crime of pedophilia.

    Because according to you, pedophiles are better than Democrats.

    You would literally have murderers and pedophiles making laws than Democrats.

    Be careful what you wish for.

    You are not right in the mind, and should seek therapy.

    1. So, Lydia, you would vote for socialists into office despite what you see happening in Venezuela and the like? Really?

      And again, you are not understanding the question and this is the last time I am going to try and explain it to you.

      if I had to choose between the two evils, pedophile or socialist, and I could not have the option of choosing neither, then I would choose the lesser of the two evils, which is - in my opinion! - pedophiles.

      I am not condoning child abuse, I am showcasing how little I think of socialists. I think they both are disgusting. But socialists are a little more disgusting, and dangerous. Again, just look at Venezuela.

      But if you think a socialist is better than a pedophile, then you are the one who needs to seek therapy. Socialism is just horrible for everyone.

  17. "I can't be a republican because I do not believe in god"

    The Republican Party does not have a theism requirement for membership.

    1. Oh James, I said that in jest. I have been saying that for decades now and you're the first who didn't get the joke.

  18. Are you against the public school system or Social Security? Both of these have elements of socialism. Not trying to argue, just curious as to where you draw the line. I also want to know where these Democrats are that want 100% socialism -- they seem to just be a vocal minority, similar to the alt-right. Mostly I see people talking about having a mixed system, which we already have (it just leans heavily on capitalism).

    1. I'm not against "choices". Taxes pay for public schools, so that's not really "socialism". Education is a social need. Being social is not "socialism". But I also said before on a comment that all governments are built on a foundation of some sort of "socialism". The trick is to not let it get out of control. I don't think healthcare should be a government issue.

      I see socialism being spread on CNN and MSNBC and the like. Liberal newspapers and such that report false stories, or embellish other stories that involve the opposite party. A good example is this Russia collusion story with the Trump administration. haven't seen any evidence yet, and it's been over a year. But then I see evidence of democrats - Russia collusion and liberal news media are crickets about it.

      Not a good sign when mainstream media colludes with a political party, that's what is called fascism. And 80 percent of media sides with democrats. Report fake stories and embellish other stories. That's what I see, and hear. And when political leaders do not come out and condemn the violent acts and words from those of the left, then I take it that they support such things.

      And trust me, Antifa is a communist organization. And perhaps a terrorist organization, from I have seen thus far, but no democrat leader will come out and condemn them. I take that as condoning and endorsing.

      I don't know where you are hearing or seeing "most" people talking about having a mixed system, because they sure ain't talking about it on CNN, MSNBC or in most liberal newspapers.

  19. Besides the fact that you're obviously a guy who is for some reason pretending to be female, I am a Republican and your tweet is still ridiculous. You dont need to be a liberal to think child molestation is a bad thing, imbecile.

    1. I'm not pretending to be a female, you're just too stupid to know the difference.

      I do think child abuse is a bad thing. I just happen to believe that being a socialist is worse than being a pedophile, dumb-ass coward hiding behind "anon". lol

  20. I would rather my taxes pay for national healthcare (everybody needs it) for Americans than another rich person who hides and hoards money in overseas accounts so they don't have to pay taxes. Panama Papers/Paradise Papers. Trump's Secretary of the Treasury hoards money in overseas accounts and then wants the taxpayers to fund his jet setting.

    1. The reason wealthy people hoard their money overseas is because America is the highest taxed country on the planet.

      I hate to be the one to break the news to ya, but democrats hoard their money overseas, too. The mainstream media just doesn't report on it.

  21. I had to shut down the comments because there were way too many trolls, internet bullies and basically, idiots coming on here and doing nothing more than name calling, and otherwise rambling profusely about nothing like a retard off their meds.

    Some of you actually came here to ask legitimate questions, and get legitimate answers. But the majority just came here to judge, and play holier than thou games.

    I was hoping for adults, but mostly got nothing but children.

    For those who posted their hate, I thank you. Hate is exactly what democrats do best. I'm sorry, I mean, socialists. lol

    Many came here to pick a fight. My point being, I expected it to go that way and you didn't disappoint.

    I had a good time. I hope you all did too. I had to kill some time, and you trolls and bullies (you know who you are) did well. Very well.

    Maybe we can do this again, sometime. Meanwhile, keep hating me, my poetry, books and songs, and my opinion. I feed off of your hate. It is where I get my strength. Your hate lets me know that I am correct in believing that socialists dwell on the bottom of the human barrel of scum, along side of the communists, terrorists and fascists. And are no better than a pedophile, a murderer, or a rapist.

  22. When I got to my Facebook page, I saw that about a dozen or so trolls, bullies, stalkers, loeft me some comments. lol How pathetic is it to track someone down on their facebook page just to harass them? And you socialists think this is okay?

    You people need help. LMAO

    One fucktard, Byron Goobs, said he contacted my local police department to report me. I guess he thinks I am going to jail for trashing democrats. LMMFAO!

    One dipshit said they are going to destroy my life ..... (Wait for it) ....... Destroy my life .......... (Wait for it) .....Destroy my .... Ahahahahahahahahaha*cough*hahahahahaha*cough*hahahahaha

    Thanks for waiting. For it.

    I called the local police (I live in a very small town) and we had a good 15 minute laugh over it. I was assured that trashing socialists / democrats is not against the law. Yet.

    Again, I love democrat hate. I wear your hate like a badge of honor. I know you just want to silence me. That's how socialism works. But honestly, I'm nobody, and you really shouldn't get shook up over my opinion. I'm not worth it. But thanks, you make me feel so important.

  23. And of course a few keyboard "tough guys" had a few things to say on my Youtube Channel. lol What I would give to meet these pussies face to face. If I could do that, I do believe I would believe in a god. lol But internet cowards they will always be.

  24. All this talk by the democrats about stomping out trolls and ending internet bullying, and here they are being the trolls and bullying me. lol

    It's just humorous is all.


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