Sunday, August 7, 2016

Motherless Is Unscrupulous

In the world of adult websites, you should never expect anything decent. It's a sick obsession, pornography, and some say it's addictive. Maybe it is, I don't know, but I have also been told that sex itself is addictive. Yeah, so is oxygen and drinking water and eating and ....... the list goes on.

Now, there are some really good adult websites out there for you to choose from. I'm just saying that if you do become or are a member of an adult website, what kind of people can you expect to deal with? I mean, how "scrupulous" are these people? If you hold high expectations of people who live their everyday life in the gutter then you may need to look only in a mirror for the answer.

Some, if not all or most, of these porn sites allow people to join and participate in uploading their material to the site. This is how these websites make their living / survive. Off of you, the member, and your contributions. Without you, these websites do not exist. They all pretty much operate like Youtube. And there are hundreds of them out there, too, with hundreds of thousands of members, participants, and viewers. Internet porn is big business.

In the early days of the internet, in the year 1999, is when I really discovered internet porn. Being single, it saved me a lot of money from buying magazines, of which I had a righteous collection dating back to ... never mind how long back. But internet porn exploded - pardon the pun - all over the place, and many a men have fallen victim to its allure. Many marriages fell also.

For the most part, these websites are actually kind of fair to their members. As long as it is legal, you can upload your favorite pics and videos, and share it with the rest of the porn watching community. Some sites reward you for your participation and then there are those who are unscrupulous to the bone. You see, many of these sites have two ways you can go. One is, you can enjoy everything the site has to offer for free but you have to put up with ads, ads, and more ads. That really sucks, but that's the way it is. Someone has to pay for all of that megabyte space. But then they also offer premium options where you pay a monthly fee and you get to avoid all those ads and often times, you get some perks with your membership that freeloaders do not get.

The whole point of many of these sites is no different than non-porn websites, and that is - they want your money. Still, many do not care what option you choose. But I do know of one adult website that has a reputation for banning most freeloaders if they do not eventually "pay" to "play". That adult website is none other than

You won't find this website ranked in anybody's top 50 of favorite or best porn sites or even top 100. They are an unscrupulous website that is operated by nitwits half-baked on weed and major ego trips. In short, a bunch of idiots.

If you become a member, and you just watch the videos, and look at pics, or maybe just talk and meet people in the chat room or something, then maybe you fly under their radar and they leave you alone. However, if you somehow piss off any of the moderators in the chat room or if anyone of them just happens not to "like" you for any reason, then you will probably be targeted and eventually banned because .... well, just because.

If you are a member and you start participating in uploading pics and or videos, then you might want to take it easy on how much you upload because at some point, if you do not "pay" for the premium services of 10 dollars a month, you could find yourself banned because ..... well, just because.

This is what happened to a friend of mine of whom I asked for "his or her" services to go in and run an experiment for me to find out if the rumors were true. Most of the rumors came from a website that I am a member of and where its employees joke about how Motherless has this reputation in regards to treating its non-paying members. The good thing about Motherless though is that you are probably safe from getting a virus from any of their links, and you do not need to become a member to at least watch the videos and the pics. However, you do need to be a member to post on boards, forums and to chat in their chat room(s).

But this is how they lure you in. And if you are not careful, you can get banned from out of the blue and then you can't even watch their videos as a non-member. So my advice would be, don't even join Motherless in the first place and just enjoy the videos and pics. But if you do decide to join, don't participate. Don't upload too many of your pics or vids, and try to refrain from posting in forums and boards, and just be as low flying under the radar as you can in the chat rooms. Once you get noticed, and you don't "pay to play", you will find yourself on the outside looking in. And any friends you may have met on there and you didn't get their personal emails in so that you can correspond with them outside the website, then you may lose that friendship for good. Basically, you wasted your time, and effort with Motherless.

But that is the manner in which they operate. They really are a bunch of fucktards. I know this firsthand because there is an even deeper story here that involves yours truly. And it all went down right around 2005.

Back in their early days, the owner of the site and I became friends. But as I observed through the days and weeks and months, this guy was banning people left and right for basically no reason at all. Just because he didn't like them or just because .... whatever. This didn't sit well with me and I had often criticized him for that, often in a somewhat jokingly manner. And as time went by, I soon picked up on a resentful vibe from him. One day, he invited me to a party he was throwing at his New Jersey home. I accepted.

Some of his mods secretly warned me that it was a set-up. That the owner was going to "whoop" my ass at this party. While I appreciated the heads-up, I still went to this party nonetheless. I also took a friend of mine who was licensed to carry a gun. He was a part-time / volunteer police officer.

We arrived at the party and for the first three or four hours, everything was fine. I got to meet many of the people behind the scenes of the website. But then the owner decided he didn't want to fuck with me - for whatever reason - and instead, got one of his thug friends to take a shot at me. Things didn't go exactly as planned. His thug missed and ended up getting a broken nose and a very injured left knee that made it difficult for him to stand, much less walk. The owner called both an ambulance for his friend, and the cops on me and my friend. The fight was only for about 30 seconds or so because my friend ended up pulling out his gun to thwart off any other potential attackers. We scooted out of there quickly, with me grabbing a couple of bottles of unopened whiskey off the bar on our way out of this huge freaking mansion because I felt I earned it. lol

By the time we got back home, I discovered that I had been banned from the site, and get this, every time they ban you they say it's because you posted illegal content. Even though I had never uploaded a single pic or a single video, that was "their" reason for banning me. And for the following few days and weeks, all the talk was about that party and fight. However, the owner was saying that he whooped my ass and that the FBI was looking for me and my friend. Too many people were calling him out and eventually, after a few days, I got "unbanned". lol

The record was eventually straightened out and no, there was no law enforcement agency looking for me or my friend. After about a week or two of being reinstated, I deleted my account and never returned. Until my buddy here, where I reside now, decided to go in and test the rumor waters for me. So I guess they are still up to their shenanigans. Still trying to be bad asses when in reality, they are dumb asses. Haha

And I don't know if the guy who owned it in 2005 is still the current owner of the site, but I'm getting the feeling that he is because it's still being run by brain dead pot smokers on a power trip! lol Although, the website is being operated out of the Netherlands currently so maybe it does have a new owner, but the unscrupulous behavior continues.

And so now I have put them on the map. The great Carroll Bryant has exploited yet another group of people who are nothing more than trailer trash at heart. But if it's a good adult website you are looking for, you might want to look beyond Motherless. Because if you do not "pay to play", you will get the big boot. But if you do decide to go there for your pornographic needs, then fly low and off the radar. Otherwise, well, you know.

As for my friend, he or she got banned and the reason given was for "illegal content". However, I viewed all the material my friend uploaded and there was no illegal content. I'm pretty sure that if my friend had uploaded illegal content, he or she would be in jail right now. My friend gets "reinstated" after a year.

REALLY? After a year? .... Are you telling me that they are going to reinstate someone "after" posting alleged illegal content? ... Something smells to high heaven here. lol I mean, if it were me and my site, that person would get banned for life!

Apparently, it revolves around three videos my friend uploaded that Motherless deemed "illegal". Of course, like I said, I saw these videos in question and trust me, they are not illegal by any stretch. But that really is not the issue. The issue is, my friend had been a member long enough that, in Motherless eyes, he or she should have became a "premium" member, and since he or she hadn't at that point, with over 20 videos uploaded and a hundred pics, they banned him or her for being a "free-loader". That can be the only reason they banned him or her. That and perhaps someone behind the scenes simply just did not like him or her. And let us not forget that I was banned for the same reason in 2005 and I never uploaded a damn thing. lol

The real question is, if those three videos in question are illegal in their eyes, then where are they now? Did the mods and or owner keep them for their own private use, thinking they are illegal and they're getting their perverted jollies off of them? .... Well, one has to wonder.

So when it comes to Motherless for your porn, just be careful. They are looking for you to pay up at some point and time, and if you don't, then they will ban you for certain. They are power tripping weed smokers that have nothing else in life to do but to make the keys on their keyboards sticky.

This post cannot be disputed.


  1. great post. your so right about motherless. I got into an argument with one of the mods in the chatrooms and i left for a couple of days to cool down and on the third day i tried to sign back in but i was banned for a year. they said it was for illegal content but i never uploaded anything in my 3 years not even a avatar. motherless sucks!!!!!

  2. I was recently banned and I have no idea why. I never uploaded a single thing to the site and only go on every once in a while. I thought it was just a normal porn site like Pornotube or Redtube. I'm freaking out because I have no idea what's going on. I literally didn't do anything. Any words of advice?

    1. Get over it?

      That's about the only thing anyone can do. Motherless has the right to ban whomever they please, with or without any merit.

      All I would suggest is that you link this article to other sites and try and spread the word about their unethical practices.

  3. yeah motherless is a piece of garbage site. i got banned for supposedly uploading copyrighted material. however, they never tell you that you violated something! their uploader is so shitty that sometimes videos take a couple days to show up and sometimes they never do so you have to reupload them. well, i guess some of those videos were "claimed" by someone, but motherless never said anything to me, they just never let them upload. so when i go back and try to reupload thinking that their shitty website fucked up again, i get banned. not to mention the website is outdated by about 15 years. they just rake in the money from ads without doing any upgrades. the player doesn't even work half the time with current browsers. what a joke.

    1. And that was the word I was hearing from many people when I decided to look into it and discovered that it was true. It was also the same experience I had in their beginning years. And as all can see, it only got worse.

  4. I just got banned from them today in the middle of browsing videos. Got a message claiming i wrote stuff on a message board. Yeah ok... I've never once commented on anything there and you a closed wifi so it's nut like a neighbor could and then mistake it for me. It's honestly a pretty trash site (the people not the various... Fetishes they cater to ha) I wouldn't be surprised if their end game was money tbh

  5. Ha! I was banned about a year ago for "illegal content" (Of course they don't let you dispute anything to defend yourself). My ban was to be lifted in about two weeks. When I was at a friends house yesterday I went to check out one of my galleries (I had thousands of uploads and many had views in the 100's of thousands) and discovered that my account had been deleted...again, for "illegal content." Very suspicious considering my account was still active two days ago. All of my galleries gone...however, every single one of my uploads is still available on their site. This is how they get content and keep their site going without having to pay out whatever meager earnings the uploads have managed to gather up through views.

  6. Last year before the election i commented on a shout and got banned for a year which they said ' illegal content' after not seeing things the same way with some trolls who are for orange face, which I forgot about since i moved on from their site but i remembered a year later and out of curiosity i went to log in to see if my ban was lifted and surprise, Account Deleted due to Illegal Content. LOL! seriously whoevers in charge there has anger issues or something.


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